Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Post vacatoin pre-Thanksgiving I did really well eating right.
Gym Sunday and Monday. Took last night off because I was sore
Back to gym tonight.

Friday, November 25, 2011

It's been awhile

It's been a few weeks. Busy, then sick, then Alfred hit. (Rare October Nor'easter  10/29/2011) Most of state was without power for a week or more. Very reminiscent of Irene.  I was only out of power for 5 days this time as opposed to 8 days last time. Only 2 months in between storms it's been rough.
 The state has a 2 Storm panel to investigate why CLP  didn't react better. Most of the state hates them. You have no idea how fortunate we are until you have no power, heat or water for 5 days. It was rough and I was one of the lucky ones this time.
I didn't lose as much food as I did last time but I did lose food. The fan-freaking-tastic part of it was I went on vacation a week after I got power back. So thanks to the storm and then vacation. I haven't really gone grocery shopping lately. Luckily right after the storm,  Stop and Shop had $0.58 per lb turkeys if you spent $25, not including the turkey. That is so easily done. I got 1 turkey before I went on vacation to make later. When I came back, same sale so I got a 2nd turkey. So everything I eat is turkey, turkey salad, sandwhich, stir fry. What can I say? After losing so much food to power loss the last few months I need to be very smart about stuff. Aldi is also my friend for smart budget concsious shopping. The one near work is huge.

Vacation was good. Went to Texas to see my family. Why did I go the week before Thanksgiving? Honestly, it was cheaper.  But was nice to see everyone. It does remind me that I like not living in the same state as them. I love them but the family drama that I am no longer involved is annoying.

This week has been very hectic at work. Coming back and then playing catch up on my work. Emails and voicemails. Working long hours to catch up. It sucks but its a necessary eveil. Thanksgiving was good. I was able to spend it with my friends which is always nice. Sadly I did have to come into work today.  It's a skeleton crew at work today, Hoping the day goes by quickly.(I doubt it will). Wednesday a lot of people were able to leave 2 hrs early. I wasn't able to because I just had too much to do. Hoping I can leave early today but I think they will give me the 2 hrs sometime next week.

I need to hit the gym after work tonight. I need to get back on the gym/exercise wagon. 
Not a fun way to spend Friday night. But no one is going out before 10. Since everyone is home for the holidays.  I also need to hit the gym on the weekends. I can't just be lazy. I was doing so well for awhile. I just need set expectations for myself and hold my self accountable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad Ree

I was doing so well on updating and working out. Lately not so much. Work.  Bad Ree.

Managed to catch a cold and have been home since yesterday midday. Sore throat, runny nose, fever. Fun times. Hoping to feel better and get back to the gym. Gym maybe tomorrow but definitely Saturday. After all Friday is for happy  hour.  Or maybe a first date if someone gets their act together. (I typically think that if you don't meet up within a week or so, it won't happen. But we have been texting since Sunday. )

With my luck it will be all text no action. Oh well, that is how my dating life goes. Meet someone, talk for a bit, get to know each other. Then nothing on the let's meet up bit. Maybe this will be different since we met at a party and not online.

I will be positive and if no meet up or happy hour. My happy hour will be at the gym.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Small Choices

Small choices are the way to go.
Today it's an apple and an orange to snack on. There were some bad choices in there but it's about small choices. I need to focus on the little picture and the big picture will come into place. At least that is what I tell myself.

Ugh, now to plan for tomorrow and the work week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I cheated

I hate my job. I never used to say that. But I do. I keep hoping things will get better. But that hasn't happened. The reason I mention this, is that it is affecting me more than just work. I don't have energy and I don't seem to be hitting the gym as much.The gym knows when you cheat and isn't forgiving.   Tonight I went to the gym, I struggled to spend 30 min on the eliptical, it was just a few weeks ago I would spend 60 min no problem. Now I am really struggling. It sucks. I know the only way to fix this. Is to get back into a routine. I think that will help with how I feel about work. Exercise is the best anti-depressant.

  That has been life lately and I don't like but I am working on fixing it. just back into a routine of coming home, changing and heading straight for the gym.  I keep having excuses and that won't work. Tomorrow is a friends going away happy hour.

I also need to work on what I am eating. I think  I am eating "okay" but I am not getting enough fruit and veg and that makes a heck of a difference. I have been eating more bread, whole grain but still. I think that is hurting me too. I am sensitive to bread. I lose weight when I reduce bread. I just need to focus on lean proteins, veggies and fruit.

That is my goal for the next few weeks. This week it has been about taking vitamins. I took Vitamin Code, Perfect Weight few years ago and liked how I felt. A friend gave a recent review of them helping her eczema so I thought it was worth a try.. I have also been trying to take calcium and vitamin D daily. My doctor has been on me about that for awhile since I am not a fan of milk. I have been doing good. I leave them on my table and take them with breakfast. and dinner. The calcium/vitamin D combo should be 3 x a day but I just forget at work. But this seems to be working.

Ran by the store after the gym, they had a bag of apples that just looked so delicious. I got a bag of apples and a bag of oranges. I will make those my snacks at work.

Each day is an opportunity to be better. I just need to rememberthat.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Incline baby

Success! gym after work. I did my run/walk for only 30 min. I did however add an incline so I made it harder. I didn't make the distance but I am making myself work for it.

I am trying to improve the strength of my legs. I almost feel like my legs aren't strong enough. My calves etc. I am finally getting better at stamina but the strength just isn't there yet. I do leg press and the abductor machines and squats all in an attempt to build strength.It's really hard to try and know which exercises I need to do to build overall strength. I want my skin to recover as I lose weight. I wish I could afford a trainer. I have had to modify my budget to afford the closer/more expensive gym.  I am hoping I can find a way to at least afford once a month. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I think even once a month as a "check up" the trainer could help me focus. That is several months away if it happens. Until then I will just continue going to the gym and pushing myself harder and harder. That is how I will see success.

Manic Monday

Monday why did you come back? I told you, we were over!

Getting back to my routine. Weekend was relaxing, I cleaned and organized.  Now have my kitchen table in the living room. In the kitchen it was part work space part dumping ground. Hoping I can get into the habit of eating at the table. I think that will help me with eating too fast and stuffing my face vs. tasting my food.

Today my goal is go to the gym after work. In fact that is my goal every day this week. It's possible. Car Pooling makes that possible. Neither I or my buddy; RJ want to stay too late and when someone else is dependent on a ride. It's much easier to leave on time.

Finally got my measurements from May. I need to do them now so I can see what's changes.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back in the saddle

I have been struggling with gym and eating right lately. Just laziness, work and life.

On the food side I have been struggling, work cafeteria is under renovation and they have premade sandwiches. They are amazing! A turkey baguette with brie. It's so easy to stray from the food I bring from home. I have been eating a lot more bread lately and I think that might be a source of my issues as well. I have been low carb for awhile and adding in the extra bread may be why I don't feel so hot. 

Getting back on the proverbial horse.  Went to the gym Tuesday and tonight. Today I readlly didn't want to go. Just so tired but I got off my ass and went. It was a 1 hr work out. not the best I have done and I can do better. But better to have a poor work out vs. none.

Tonight dinner was a mish mash of stuff. Chicken, half a sweet potato left over from the other night. Some broccoli or cauliflower. Threw some walnuts and chia seeds and a bit of BBQ sauce. It looks odd but it was delicious. I may have an apple for dessert. They were 3 lbs for a $1.99

I really should be avoiding carbs like bread. They always make me feel gross. I wonder if its a gluton issue/sensitivity.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was an epic fail for working out. this seems to happen more often then I care to admit. And the only person who is punished me. Need to figure out a better schedule for myself.
I may have to start waking up early to hit the gym. Not sure how that will fit w/ my normal morning routine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work out

It's been a rough couple of weeks for working out. I went back tonight. It wasn't a great work out. I could feel my calves were not happy. (pretty sure I will have muscle cramps later) But I did it. I stopped by grocery store next door and got a sweet potato. Lots of potassium. Baked in the microwave and threw on top of a salad with some walnuts. Quite tasty.

I will try to post more. I have been focusing on work. Hoping if I kick ass I won't get laid off. Who knows if that will help.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work out Gear

A post on Run Eat Repeat talked about Champion work out gear. It got me to thinking about plus size work out gear. What are some recommendations for plus size work out gear. Specifically, sports bras.  Seriously I have a nice rack and I am lucky that I may be a big girl but I am proportionate.But that also has draws back, one being bras.  I have been using Moving Comfort  sports bras but there are other brands but not all come in such large sizes. I don't mind paying it bit more if its good quality but I have also spent money on stuff that isn't supportive. It seems to be better to get recommendations.

I  don't plan to be plus size forever but I need proper gear to work on this. I invested in a good pair of running shoes, I bought some cheap work out gear at Ocean State Job Lots,  a few weeks back. ($5 for a shirt, pants, shorts etc) But the bra is the hardest part. I have gone down in size and now need another bra. I like Moving Comfort but they are expensive and since I seem to have to replace sports bras and regular bras due to losing weight it is expensive. So I would love to find a less expensive brand that supports would be awesome!

Any thoughts?


Rough week so far.  This is my month end and the week is insane. Have been working a lot just trying to play catch up or to prevent my self from falling behind. So gym has been on the back burner. Luckily I did find someone at work to car pool with so that will be nice. Cut the gas bill in half. It's been more than a week since I have been to the gym and I know that I am the only person this hurts.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pumpkin Ale time of year!

Its that time of year again. Pumpkin Ale! The last few days have been NO Exercise and LOTS of booze! And it's not over yet. 

It started with The CT Premiere of Zooey Deschanel's new show at Black Bear Saloon in Hartford. Got a nice swag bag.

 It had a T-shirt that says "Adorkable," fake glasses, and a reusable insulated Tumbler.

Of course I go and get a beer and it's 2 for 1 pints. So what's a girl to do?

Afterwards I went to Real Art Ways Creative Cocktail Hour. Where I once again got a drink. This was a large wine.

Last night was a work happy hour for my friend E's birthday. We started out at Murphy and Scarlettis, had a few beers and a shot. Then moved to a new location. (The best happy hours always have multiple locations.) Then on to East Side Restaurant, local German place. There the birthday girl got Das Boot. I helped her with some shots. And she and I both got spanked by the hot guy at the restaurant. That is why we had so many shots. Seriously, that hurt.

Sadly I had to work this morning so it wasn't a super late nite. Tonight is Shag Frenzy. I can't wait. I will dance the night away. First though a power nap. The last few days have been very busy.

Run down on Pumpkin Ale tasted this season so far. Aka the last week.
Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, more like an Oktoberfest. Not that great. Won't be getting it again.
Shock top Pumpkin Ale, pretty good. I would get this again.
Shipyard Pumpkin Ale, the gold standard in pumpkin ale, in other words. Delicious!

I must say, the last few weeks I have seen pictures of myself and don't hate how I look. The weight loss is slow but I love how I feel and look lately in photos. It's so weird that I have gone out so much the last few days because the next few weeks will be super quiet. Oh well, off to power nap.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ran 3.1 miles aka a 5K at the gym last night and improved my time from the 5k in July! Woot! by almost 2 1/2 minutes. After a rough couple of weeks exercise. I am doing pretty good right now. Exercise 3 of the last 5 days if I include today. Took today off because I am just too tired.  Work has been rough. Worked 10 hrs days almost every day this week and Saturday. Fighting to keep my job just hoping I don't get a lay off notice. And the reality is my hard work may mean nothing at the end of they.  Back to spending quality time with  pets.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Run take 2

Tried to run at the trail yesterday. but either because of the wind from Irene or the recent rains the trail was a mess. There were groves in the dirt and twigs everywhere. Really couldn't focus on running. Was worried about dodging stuff so I wouldn't hurt myself. There were some deep grooves in the trail. So after about a 1/4 mile I turned back,  opted to go to the gym instead.

 I need to get back into my gym routine. The last few weeks have been rough. I have to be ready for my 5k. It will be my 2nd, 5k but the first time my family will be there. So I gotta "represent."  After the run cousin and I are going to my brothers for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be nice. My mom and dad, my brother and his kids, my little sister, my aunt and cousin. . I miss them but I don't think I can live there anymore. I like Connecticut far too much but  I know that if things changed at work and Texas was a required I would do it. Pick up and move. Just because I like CT doesn't mean I get a choice in the matter. (The reason I am talking about this is work is laying off people. 10 this week and another 30k+ expected. yes, that is THIRTY THOUSAND people. Please note this is what is being reported in local news outlets. Nothing has been confirmed by my employer.  I have no idea what I would do if I get laid off. I have a few back up plans I am working on.).

My goal is to be able to run the whole 5k. No matter how slow I go, I want to keep running. Haven't decided which race we are doing. But I want my family to support us and cheer us on during the run. And it will be nice to have a holiday meal with my family. It's been far too long. The last few years I have been a holiday orphan, going to 1 friends or another. I am glad I have great friends but I have definitely been missing my family lately. 


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pile on the Miles

I will be going to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I will be running a 5k with my baby cousin. So I need to start training again. I think I am going to long the amount of miles I run between now and then. I saw on another blog* about "Pile on the Miles". In that case it was a contest. This will be for my own record. Let's see how many miles I log running and how many on the elliptical. I think I will start today and end October 10th. As the last 2 weeks has thrown me off my routine this will be a good way to help me get back into it. I think I will try to log them weekly here.

Went to the Hebron Harvest Fair last night. Sat in traffic for over an hour to get there but I got to see the Demolition derby. So much fun. It was a first for me. I didn't think I would like how the cars crashed into each other but it was awesome. One car caught on fire and the car kept going. I honestly think it would be there til the end. The last 2 cars took awhile to take each other out. In the end the 2nd place car looked like a Smart Car

I remember a time when all I drank was Diet Coke. Ahh.. High School. Don't miss that. But miss my ignorance on how bad even diet soda can be.


Working this morning then either running with my friend L at the  high school or hitting Air Line Trail on my way home from work.

*I can't remember the name of the blog, if you know please let me know so I can credit appropriately

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mamma Chia

A while ago Monica @ Run Eat Repeat posted about Mamma Chia.  I found out that  the local Whole Foods had it. While it ison my way home, I usually only go when I need something specific. Going to try out a drink isn't specific enough. I have been adding Chia seeds to my salads lately. so I definitely wanted to try it. Today I am in the mood to bake so I needed to pick up some coconut oil and a few other things for healthy baking. (yes it's possible). I had to look all over the store to find it. I think they had 10 sections of cold beverages. It took awhile to find. I really only noticed the Cherry Lime.

I think I liked it:
It was a little weird texture wise. The chia seeds get gelatinized if in liquid too long but it was really good. I have had chia chocolate pudding and that is pretty good. I think I may make some for dessert tonight.

I definitely deserve to pig out a bit tonight. Work announced layoffs. I am off today but 10 people were affected in my immediate area. Not good. I am sure I will hear more in the morning.

Back to spin class tonight, last week gym was closed so no spin and the week before the teacher was on vacation. So it's been a few weeks. Really need to get back into the swing of things.

I really need to start running again, it's been a rough few weeks. Morning runs ended, Irene, no water and no power. My cousin and I are doing a 5k on Thanksgiving Day. I will be doing a 5k in a different state. Go me! And since my cousin and are I doing it the whole family has to show up. Kind of excited for that. I have done a lot of changes in the last year and since my family lives in Texas they don't get to see this. I can also get some real Mexican food. Not this crap availble in the Northeast. My mom's cooking is amazing and there is a lady who works for my brother that makes amazing tortillas and tamales.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Time for a real post.

I have been staying at a friend K's since the 29th. I am so grateful for her kindness. I got there Monday and stayed til Sunday morning when I left to go to a friends wedding.

My friend a got married Sunday, it was beautiful. I planned to carpool with my neighbors. I got ready at my friend K's house then drove to my place. And went with the neighbors. The wedding was amazing. This is the one where I got the pink dress for. The dress looked great. Some of the pics are still being posted on Facebook. When I find one that isn't of me being completely drunk then I will post it. I ended up staying at the hotel and hitching a ride home with other friends who live on the other side of town. It's great to be in a party dress the morning after and walking around.The walk of shame and with a couple to boot! Fun times! The hangover not so much. I got home and cleaned out the fridge. Picked up the dog at K's house. My cat wasn't too happy that I left him for so long.
The landlord was running the freezer in the basement off his generator in his RV so a lot of stuff was saved but some not so much. Finally got a chance to see what lost yesterday. A lot of stuff was lost. Some didn't stay frozen. I am lucky that a lot of it did stay frozen. all my condiments were lost so there is a lot money to be spent. I went shopping yesterday. And don't ya know I had coupons for cleaning stuff and it was on sale. I got enough to eat for the week and a few things that were on sale.Maybe this could be motivation not to keep my fridge too full and buy more fresh. But I have to say sometimes that isn't possible. Buying in bulk and having stuff available in the freezer. I wish I had a before pic of my fridge but here is what it looks like know.
Today will be spent cleaning and doing laundry. Back to the gym as well. The last week has been a definite break my routine. I haven't really worked out and haven't eaten well. Got on the scale this morning and I am up about a 1.5 lbs. This isn't unexpected. Now to just get back into my routine.

Monday, September 5, 2011

An Update

After 8 days I have power back! I saw power trucks from Quebec, Tennessee and who knows where else. The guys who traveled thousands of miles and work 16 hr days to get my power back and me back at home. Been a rough week. I missed my personal space.

Went to a wedding last night, got home this afternoon. Yes it was that awesome! Pretty decent hangover. Cleaned out the fridge when I got home.
I really need some sleep. Maybe a more detailed update tomorrow.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Come on Irene!

I live in Eastern CT. We got lots of wind for Hurricane Irene. I don't expect power back until Tuesay Sept 6th @ 6pm. For the record, I lost power early Sunday morning on Aug 28th. Yes, Ladies and gentlemen. That is over 1 week without power. I do not know what I would do if I wasn't staying a friends house. Since I don't live in the rich part of the state, I don't have power. Yellow is with less than 1% outage.

This week has been rough. The gym only got power back Wed night. I ran only once this week and no gym. Need to get back into my work out routine. I haven't been eating great. I did run once this week but it wasn't great.

Got the dress for my friends wedding last night. Fits great. I think I could have gone a size smaller actually. My friend disagrees but it feels big in lots of places. And Spanx can hide a lot ;)

I am trying really hard not to be whiney but I miss my house :(

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Power No Water That is a problem!

Hurricane Irene hit on Sunday. I lost power early Sunday morning and it still hasn't come back. Today is Wednesday. Since I have a well and not city water I also don't have water. I am staying at a friends with my dog because I need to shower I am such a city girl it isn't funny. I am going back to my place today after work to check on the cat. I keep hearing different estimates of when I might get power back. The gym down the street is 2-7 days. This is not a good sign.

I did go for a run in my friends neighborhood last night. I don't know all the side streets so I did a loop that was .89 miles. Since it wasn't that far I decided to do another loop. This time her 13 yr daughter and the girls across the street decided to join me. Then my friend decided to walk her dog on the same loop. Fun night of excercise. I think the girls may join me running while I am there. I really want my power back. I miss place and my cat. The dog is with me since my dog and my friend's son are BFF's. It's pretty darn cute.

I never realized how much I took running water for granted.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1.59 a lb!

The other day I found boneless/skinless chicken breast for a $1.59/lb. all I had to do was buy at least 3 lbs. DONE!

I bought it on Sunday afternoon, I put it in some Publix Mojo Marinade. (A friend went to Florida in July and brought it back. OMG, so good. But I digress) I let it sit until this morning when I cooked it in my cast iron skillet. After letting it sit I diced it up.
(The diced up chicken)

I then portion it out to 4 oz. I am not sure if 4 oz is the right size however it seems about right. I use the snack size zip loc bags. I am not too strict on the 4 oz. A little over won't kill me. It gives me more control on the amount of food I eat.

The 13lbs I bought, give or take gave me more than 30 servings.

It all fits very nicely in my freezer.

This makes my life so much easier. For lunch during the week I can grab some chicken with some frozen vegetables or I can bring throw on some salad fixings. If I am running late I can buy the lettuce in work cafe and bring in the heavy/expensive chicken from home. This all my friend S's idea. But it has saved me money since I started doing it and I eat better at work and at home. Because I already have half of a healthy meal ready to go. Just throw on salad or frozen veggies. Works for both lunch and dinner. :)

Off to clean before Hurricane Irene strikes!

A Huricane is a comin'

Hurricane Irene is coming!

I have water and food. Worried we will lose electricity. The biggest issue with that is I have well water. No electricity and the pump for the well won't work which means, no flushing the toilet! I will be cleaning the tub and filling w/ water before I go to bed tonight.

When I went to the store to pick up some bread I found some low carb tortillas that looked good then I found Queso Fresco. I know my mom found it all the time when she lived here but I can't seem to find it. I bought some and had a messy but delicious breakfast burrito today. I have some blackbeans that I will use it for

My burrito

My burrito with Trader Joe's Avocado Salsa Verde!

About to hit the gym and get some chocolate. The only provision I forgot last night. I have the essentials, water, bread, vodka, rum and wine.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Rough couple of days. Saturday I did a so-so run with my failing sneakers. Nothing on Sunday. Got new shoes on Monday, no gym. Tuesday morning I woke up to run with my new sneakers. Well, it's getting darker and darker in the mornings. My neighbor couldn't run she did something to her back so I was on my own. Too Dark for a real run. So I went to work early. Which wasn't a great idea because it turned into a 12 hr day and I didn't have enough snacks. Finally went to gym tonight, got there too late for spin class. It had started when I got there and I didn't want to interrupt since it takes me so long to set up. So I ran a bit in my new sneakers

(I live in a rural area, no street lights. It was scary dark. I think it's the end of morning runs, at least for now. Want to check with my neighbor first.)

Worked a 12 hr day yesterday, stopped by Taco Bell on the way home. I got some stuff off the Fresco Menu. First of all, the food was good. I really enjoyed it. This morning I checked the nutrition info. Not nearly as much as I thought. Very reasonable nutrition wise and more satisfying than a burger. As much as I don't like fast food I will definitely do this again as back up when I am running late.

Just talked to neighbor, we are going to give mornings 1 more try. Her hubby got a reflective wrist thing and I have a flashing light that attaches to clothes that I got from the 5k in July. Maybe we will stay on our street vs going to the main road. If it's dark it won't be so bad on a not busy road.

I was planning to go back to Dallas for Thanksgiving. My cousin has started running and getting fit. She and I are going to do a 5k on Thanksgiving if I go. I can't wait. Kind of excited for my family to see how much better I am now.

I live on a road with a lake. This is half my from my house. I love where I live!
This is a picture from the causeway that is my road. This was about 6:45 this morning.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


An earthquake hit south of Washington DC. 437+ miles away I felt it at work. I was on the phone and suddenly was getting motion sickness. (which never happens) then everyone around me was commenting on it. We decided to self evacuate. We all headed outside and we are checking facebook and news sites with our phones. After about 15 minutes we came back inside. My sister lives in Brooklyn, NY. I called her and she is okay she is actually in upstate right now for work and felt something there. I am sure the other sister who lives in San Francisco doesn't think this was a strong earthquake, but I guess my questions is this, how strong was the earthquake that we felt it so far away.

My prayers go out to the people in Mineral Virginia. Hoping everyone is safe there.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Went to Fleet Feet Sports after work and got real running shoes. My sorry $20 generic shoes were good to get me started but they aren't any good anymore. The woman who helped me was super nice had me try on several pairs. Got to run on the treadmill where she watched my foot placement as I run.

It was tax free week here and I had a $10 off coupon. So only $90! I picked up some moisture wicking socks. That should help prevent blisters etc. I am really looking forward to my morning run tomorrow. I did some price searching. Same cost as I would get online and I can support a local business. I feel good about my purchase! Even though its the most money I have ever spent on 1 pair of shoes!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


this is me before my run Saturday. It's a reminder of where I am today. Some day soon I am going to be very grateful I began this journey. I just want a reminder. Disregard my messy house in the background.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

blah.. Not a great run again. I wore a running skirt and went earlier in the day. This helped but I really need new shoes. The foot pain was there and the fun of wearing shorts while running. You know what I am talking about. I know the more I run the easier it will be and the more I run I will get used to it but it hurt like hell. Walking hurt. It helped when I picked up my pace but I couldn't maintain that. But it felt really good to be running that fast. (fast for me anyway)I read online that gold bond would help. It didn't. I used that before I left. Next time I will try deodorant` I guess. Or maybe just spend the money for Body Glide

2.09 miles in 36.18 minutes which means a 17.31 pace. Again pretty crappy run. Hoping when I get my new sneaks it will be easier.

I got home and spent some time in my garden pulling all the weeds out. The basil is doing really well. If anyone actually reads this and lives local, and you want some basil, let me know.

Need to put up laundry I did while I was running. Then relax before Shag Frenzy

Meal #2

Woke up and weighed in with the Wii Fit. Spent about 30 minutes doing exercises then had breakfast. Kashi Go Lean and coconut milk. It's been an hour and half and I am still hungry so I made an egg with some leftover potatoes with some Trader Joe's Avocado Salsa Verde. Sometimes a meal just doesn't hit the spot. If after an hour plus you are still hungry I think its okay if you make something else just don't let it be junk food.

I got the idea for this from Huevos Rancheros Recipe with Zucchini Salsa Verde – a Light Summer Meatless Monday 20 Minute Meal I realize it's no where near a match but a fried egg, potatoes and salsa. Very tasty. Hoping to be ready for my run at 12 ish

I guess I could call this 2nd breakfast or an early lunch. Or just meal #2. I believe you should eat when you are hungry. The trick is to know if you are hungry vs. bored.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Going to a wedding in a few weeks. A friend was dress shopping for herself and found a dress she thought I would like. Which I did! It was on sale, so with tax less than $30 and I had sent to the local JC Penny store. I bought a size 18, I have been between 18 and 20 for awhile now. (depending on the store too) The reality is, if the wedding was later I would have gotten a size 16. I am very excited. If I don't fit into it I have another dress I can wear. But I am really want to wear this dress. I just make sure the next few weeks keep on track with what I am already doing and just watch what I eat. Again, exactly what I have been doing. Maybe up the cardio which I have been working on anyway. (rather then sit on my ass I hit the gym) And do more toning exercises.

At the gym last night I used a Bosu Ball to do some squats. Wow, much hard than I thought. Maintaining balance was very hard. I just need to stay active. I think that is key. That and maybe avoid alcohol too will help.

I will know more on where I stand when the dress arrives. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad Run

Bad Run today. I had a shooting pain in my left food. After about a half mile I couldn't take it anymore. So I sat down on the side of the road, took my shoe off and rubbed my foot hoping the pain would go away. It did. But I decided to turn back. The last thing I need is an injury. I am keeping up momentum right now and I am very proud of myself for that.

I have decided to spend the money on a pair of shoes from to Fleet Feet Sports. Apparently I have good timing because tax free week starts sunday so I can go after church.
ooohhh. .I signed up for the email newsletter and got a coupon for $10. Very nice! Definitely shopping this weekend.

Definitely need to hit the gym tonight. Didn't go to spin last night, running late from work and it was the Town Car Show. And now with no run. Gym is very much needed.

I guess I should get back to work.. Some days it's very hard to focus. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I may run slow, but I keep running

I hadn't planned on running today because of the rain. But my body woke me up at 5 am and it wasn't raining so, I got my ass out of bed. My neighbor wasn't up for it this morning but I did it. I improved my time by almost a minute. Which is good, not only am I running a mile straight but I am improving pace. (it does't always feel that way). I even ran a little more on the way back. (it's all slighly uphill and hard to run)

Before you know it I will be running a 5k straight. My goal for the Red Dress Run for Women 2012 is to improve my time so I am in the mid 30's range. I finished just under 50 minutes. I think it's realistic that in a year I go from a 15 min-ish mile to a 12 min-ish mile. We shall see what happens in the next year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rain today

Rain changed my plans for the day. I ended up sleeping in. (really late but I guess I needed it and I had problems going to sleep last night) Have done 1 load of laundry and finished putting up that load and the laundry up that I did the other night.

I got some new work out clothes. Yay for moisture wicking material. I even got shorts! I know. They are very snug but I know pretty soon they won't be so snug. I went to Ocean State Job Lot They had a sale on active wear, $5 each so I got 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. I usually stick to work out pants but I know with running, letting my legs have a bit more air is nice. Since I had a poor run yesterday I think I was just too hot with my work out pants vs. shorts or a running skirt. I did pick up one shirt that was a size smaller than what I think I am wearing but for $5 I know I will be in that shirt sooner or later. I am waiting for my sports bra to dry. I may go to gym tonight. I also picked up some towels there for the gym since I sweat so much. This way I can use a nice soft towel to mop up my sweat vs the "lovely" paper towels.

That is about it for my Sunday. Really not looking forward to work tomorrow. There was some drama last week and I have a feeling the fall out will be this week.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am still a work in progress

Not a great run today but I ran. My pace was too fast and I couldn't maintain it. Which sucks since I just got to the point that I can run a mile straight. Oh well. the moral of the story is I still got my ass out there and ran.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday night and the gym?

Dinner tonight: Lean Pocket Ham & Cheese. This is pretty close to comfort food. When I was younger the Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket was always in our fridge. Don't worry, also have a huge salad to go with it. (spring mix, sprouts, mushrooms, chicken and trader Joe's hummus salad dressing) I figure it it's a good balance.

By the way the hummus dressing is pretty good. I feel like I need more then I do with other dressings but it was delicious. A bit more fat than other dressing but since I eat so much salad having lots of dressing options. I love the Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing The ranch tastes like ranch, not diet ranch not almost like ranch. Exactly like ranch.

Went to the gym after work. Tried the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) Very weird. Don't like it. Also there was an old school stair master. Very awkward. I prefer spin, elliptical or running. I am still dealing with an allergy and my face hurts. Didn't feel like going out so I went to the gym. Lame I now but I know to reach my goal I need to spend my free time at the gym.

Allergy: I am writing down what I am eating on the days these reactions have happened. The itching lips/face isn't good. My breakfast is pretty consistent so I don't think it's that. If I get another reaction in the next week I am going to doctor because that would be #4. I want to make sure it isn't just a freak occurrence. Knowning me, I doubt it. :(

On another note, my tia started her first chemo treatment today. Say a prayer for her please. They got the cancer out with a partial masectamy but she is doing chemo.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trader Joes and eating better

Great fun this morning. Feel great that for the 2nd time I ran a mile straight. Ran by Trader Joe's on the way home. Picked up some coconut milk. But I forgot the almond milk I really wanted. But they had the Avocado Salsa Verde. So good on my morning eggs.

Monica @ Run Eat Repeat did an interview with Bob Harper and he said to get the last 10 lbs to go Lean and Green at dinner. Carbs early in the day. I have been stagnating on my weight. I know I am changing my body because my cloths are looser. Which is great but it would be nice for the scale to move a bit too. So I am going to try this for a bit. Have my salads for dinner and come up with better ideas for lunch. I did check my weight with the Wii Fit to make sure my home scale isn't messing things up. Luckily my scale is working right, sadly the lbs aren't going away :(. I know I should be patient be happy with the fitness goals I am attaining and the change in my clothes fit. But some times I just want to be greedy and have it all.

I need to add in more gym time. I had planned to hit the gym when I got home but after shopping etc it was well after 7. Did some stuff on Wii fit. Maybe gym tomorrow after work. Need to be exercising 6 days a week. I would love to do 7. I am not trying to 7 days a week. I am working up to it. Pretty consistent with running 2-3 times a week. Have added spinning just need to beopen to added to my gym/workout routine.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You spin me right round

Survived my 2nd Spin Class! This time I wasn't in sever pain within the first 10 minutes. I also wore Converse, this really helped with the foot pain. I guess you need a really a shoe with a hard bottom. I am not ready to commit and spend extra money on "equipment" on only the 2nd class. I think if I am still into the class in 6 months I may invest in padded shorts/bike shoes. But for now, I did better than last time, did almost all of the "climb/jumps" I think the tension was better this time that made the climb easier. Seriously "jogging" on the bike is very hard. Will be interesting to see how I am doing in a month. My "seat" area isn't throbbing and there are no shooting pains. So I call today a success! Next week should be awesome. Now to relax and unwind, 5 am comes very quickly.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

and the day goes on

Did great on the run this morning. Very proud of myself. Now, Just to repeat it Thursday morning!

Tomorrow is my early day at work. I go in at 7:30 and leave at 4 for my spin class. I am already tired and wish it wasn't too early for bed. But I know if I go to sleep now I will be up in the middle of the night. Since tomorrow is an early and work should be interesting I need to get my rest.

Work, well, it was "very" interesting today. I am sore tomorrow will be even more so.

1 mile

Ran a mile straight this morning without stopping. I can't remember the last time I did that. So proud of myself. Now, the hard part, to keep doing it. My run tracking program keeps stopping. So my official time/pace is 2.17 miles 34:09 run time is a 15.74 pace. For me to run a mile straight is a HUGE deal. I don't think you realize how big I am. Let's say I could lose a 100lbs and still be told I am overweight :( That's okay because I am working on it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Run and other stuff

I did not feel like running today. I am having an allergic reaction around my mouth and something is up with my eyes. They are watering like crazy. But I did it! Went to airline trail and ran 3.16 miles in about 51 minutes. So time is an estimate, the mileage is correct because I remember checking the program and turning around at 1.58 miles. I wanted to see what a 5k time would be like. I must have hit something so my tracker stopped at 2.95 miles But I ran. Lately for me it isn't so much about my pace as it is about me getting off my ass and doing something. I have a lot of weight to lose and right now it's all about the little steps. I almost forgot to mention the bug that flew into my eye and the bug I swalloed while running. The bug was on the way back, it's a good thing too. I think that would have caused me to turn back early.

Now eating a turkey burger. Don't worry I checked to make sure it wasn't recalled. That is what prompted me to pull it out of the freezer for lunch and make it for lunch.

I stopped at CVS after the run and got Benedryl. Hoping this helps.

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Mexican food

I have become hooked on cooking shows. Currently love Mexican Made Easy. My mother grew up in Mexico City and I am sure she cooked Mexican group up but the things I remember aren't as distinctive. As I have gotten older I have tried to copy the recipes my mom made. I can make her rice but it still isn't as good as hers. I can make Tamal de Casuela, homemade tortillas.

But today there was a recipe for Rajas, my tia made those one the last visits I made to Texas and I loved them but didn't get the recipe. Well, now I have the recipe. But she host, Marcella is definitely giving me ideas. And there are ways to make it healthy.

Saturday Blah...

I really should go for a run. But my eyes are watering and my mouth has a slight rash. (my mouth feel feels puffy and bumpy) The eyes have been irritating me for a few days, I need to get some eye wash and clean out my eyes. The mouth thing started last night night. Nothing too obvious but I feel it. If I go for a run I can run by CVS and get eye wash and benadryl.

I am perfectly aware I am making excuses and not going to the trail like I should.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally home

Dinner tonight was quinoa and black beans with a bit of feta. I would have used queso fresco but there wasn't any at the grocery store I went to. Dessert is a bowl of cherries and grapes. I love cherries in the summer. It might even beat chocolate. Only thing better, is cherries with nutella! I love that stuff.

Just got home, stopped at the grocery store and spent a bit too much but it was all on good stuff. Eggplant, celery, cherries, grapes, sweet potatoes, chicken sausage (on sale) Why does the fresh food have to be so expensive? Trader Joe's helps because they do have things cheaper. (almond mile is almost a $1 cheaper and it's the same size, it's generic. I can live with that) I totally had to get more VitaTops. It's a new addiction I think.

Busy weekend. Sunday is church, baby shower, bbq. Saturday is a friends bday party I am going to try to go to but I have been so tired this week we shall see. I really want to go to the trail tomorrow and I really want to make the egg plant and freeze it to eat later. Stayed a bit later at work then planned to help my boss with something. Well, it was PT and there is no OT so I am sure I will get yelled at on Monday. Oh well.

Dear Friday, Thanks for coming back! Is it 5 yet?

This week is kicking my ass. Just really tired. Looking forward to the end of the day.

Ran to Target after work last night. The one near me just added a really nice grocery section. And don't ya know they have a baked goods aisle with smaller portions. Great! Just want I want to avoid. Now I am expecting Aunt Flo in the next few days so of course that means I want to consume all things chocolate. I did good though, I grabbed a small bunch of bananas and some VitaTops! Had the banana on the way home and since I was still hungry and really wanted to try the VitaTops! So I grabbed on and put in front seat withmy water and banana. I call that a success. I avoided the super bad and went with a better choice.

Didn't make it to the gym last night but since I ran yesterday morning I don't mind so much. I use Mapmyrun to track my running. I can post it to Facebook and I can email my times to the blog. As you can see from the last few runs I posted I am not fast, I still have to walk a bit but I am slowly increasing my stamina. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. In March of this year I was still smoking and not excercising. 5 Months later I have quit smoking and have run my first 5k and continue to run and exercise. That is what keeps me going when I see that yes it takes me 15 min to run a mile but Damnit! I ran! [inser Flock of Seagulls song here]

Today is dragging. I reall want it to be Saturday morning so I can sleep. As much as I like how I feel after waking up early to run I am exhausted by Friday. I am changing my schedule at work so that I can go to the Spin Class on Wednesdays. Which means I have to be at work by 7:30. I think the spin class is worth it and since it's included in my gym membership. Monday the person who does Zumba is back but that is 6:30 so I can work a normal schedule and still make that class. Trying to vary my cardio routine. If the class is too full/I am running late I can still do cardio on the elliptical or the AMT. There is a seperate fee for Zumba but the 10 class punch card is only $30, money well spent in my opinion.

That's it for now as I should be doing other stuff.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I survived my first spin class. My feet were hurting a lot during the class, I guess I need shoes with a harder sole. Oh, and my ass. Yes ass is sore from the seat of the bike. Maybe it isn't my ass but that is what I am calling it. Sitting on ice right now hoping the aftermath tomorrow won't be so bad. Overall it was a great work out. I sweated my ass off. I did better than I thought. Teacher was great and told me not to try the hills or the "jumps" but I tried. It's the only way I will get better and it was the only way I could get off my ass. Just a little bit of standing/hills/jumps helped. Everyone in the class was super nice. Helped me to set up the bike. I need to find some ibuprofen so I am not hurting too much for my morning run.

When I got to the gym I looked for the trainer who bailed on the gym orientation the other night. Yeah, so she lost her calendar and missed the appointment. She isn't available via email and when I stopped by she didn't have her calendar to schedule an appointment. So, you either lied about losing your calendar or you just don't want to do the orientation. And if you are a trainer and you should be living by your calendar why don't you have a PDA? Who doesn't have a PDA now? Seriously not happy with her but I want to learn how to use some of the equipment. SO I will stick it out and if I eventually go the Personal Trainer route I won't be working with her.

Overall yay on the Spin class but I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow morning. Boo on the trainer and the gym orientation.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I really should have gone to gym after work. But I am so tired. My eyes hurt. (my eyes have been rebelling at my contacts for the last few days so it's been glasses, but its harder to wear the glasses for a few days)

The trainer didn't show last night. Or rather I saw her leave at 6:50 and since we were scheduled for 7 I figured she was running to her car or the grocery store next door. Nope, she left. I emailed her last night and apparently she lost her calendar. I guess if your business is based on your availability then losing your calendar is no big deal. I know the gym orientation was part of the package when I joined so I am not paying her but since I was thinking about getting a personal trainer in the future, it won't be her. Yes I sound bitchy but as much as I liked the gym, there are a few pieces of equipment I wanted her to show me. Oh well. I will try to reschedule. I am sure I sound bitchier than I mean to but I am exhausted. I am doubt I will be up much longer.

I am going into work for 7:30 tomorrow morning so I can leave at 4 so I can try to hit the spin class at 5:30. If I really like it then I may be able to modify my schedule so that once a week I go in/leave early for a fitness class. (seriously who have I become)

We ran a different route this morning. I actually did better on the first mile. The second mile was rough because there was a slight incline. But overall I feel it was better. Ran almost a mile straight. Did .38 without stopping then a brief walk and then run until 1.03 miles. I forgot to watch when I started running again. But this was so much better than when I first started in April. It's amazing how much that motivates me. Yes I could have run more of the hill but I was still out there at 530 am trying to do something for myself.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Variety is the spice of life

Tonight I have an orentation at my new gym to learn how to use their equipment. Now, I am not a moron and have used most of the equipment before but honestly, there stuff is nicer than PF and so I just want to make sure I don't do anything stupid. Either to break it or hurt myself. It will also be nice to talk to a personal trainer. I can't really afford one on a regular basis but maybe next year I can do a monthly session with a personal trainer to help me monitor my goals and see what I need to work on.(if that's possible) That might be more financially reasonable.

They offer a spin class twice a week at 5:30 pm. I work til 5, there is no way I can make it from work. I did ask my boss about coming in earlier on one of those days so I can leave early for the class. I am going to try it this week and see what it's like. I hear nothing but good things about it. I just want to keep my self motivated with my exercise routine. I don't want to get bored. I really hope I love it because leaving work once a week at 4 to go work out sounds like fun.

Who is this person and where did the real Ree go?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Health blogs

Reading a bunch of health food blogs lately and I see that a lot of people don't drink dairy anymore. They have eggs and cheese but no milk or half and half. Rice, almond and coconut milk seems to be the trend. Next up I think I should try coconut milk.

One of the blogs I read is, myfitspiration with Hanna Curlee and Olivia Ward from The Biggest Loser. Totally addicted to that show but that is a whole different post.

Check out Well + Good NYC they have a feature where they photograph the contents of fridge. (Refrigerator Look Book)

This is what got me started on the diary free look of life. I am glad I am trying something different. I am actually very happy with the Almond Milk. They are also big on smoothie's and green drinks. Which sound good but something else to add to my routine.

Pros and Cons of smoothies? Anyone?

Friday night is alright for fighting.

My friend L and her hubby were visiting from North Carolina and it was her last night so we did dinner and a movie. Went to Bostons Gourmet Pizza I had the Mediterranean Salad with Salmon. Delicious! I am getting better at making the smart choices when I go out. We went and saw Harry Potter 7 part 2, again.

Came home right after because I was so tired. The whole drive home my lips were itching. Now I am wondering if I have a food allergy. This started BEFORE dinner,my lips were feeling weird then, so I don't think it was dinner.

My contacts were killing me. I got home and threw out my contacts. I really need to wear my glasses for the next week or so and let my eyes rest. But its so hard to run/work out wearing my glasses. I guess I am just used to wearing contacts. Although people do it all the time so I just just STFU and wear my glasses.

Just had 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast and a banana. I had it with rice milk. The rice milk was great with the cereal but not my coffee. I think I will stick with the almond milk for the most part. I need to run and get some more tomorrow when I am near Trader Joes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinner and other stuff

this morning on my run I was thinking about how satisfying I find it to run and then take the same road on my way to work. there is a definite sense of accomplishment. Each day I run further. That is my goal, run further every day. I know the speed will come as I improve my stamina. I started a few months ago struggling to run for 30 seconds. (unknown distance) but now I can run 5 min and a least half a mile. I started in April, give or take and now it's the end of July and I have kept up the running even in the heat. Granted I know have to wake up at 5 am to get it done before the heat gets too bad. That makes me feels so good. It's amazing that I hate to wake up but I have been waking up to run. I still can't get over that. Because that is definitely not me. Who is this strange person and what have you done with the real Ree!

Cucumbers and sprouts are the best toppings for sandwiches. I am out of sprouts and forgot to get some at the grocery store when I was there after work. so dinner tonight is a steak sandwich with cucumber and the yogurt I didn't eat at lunch. I have some cherries for dessert in a bit if I want them. Also some Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Cheddar Cheese. Never had these before, the Hint of Salt ones are good. So I am hoping these are as well.

That's it for now. Seriously thinking about running again tomorrow morning.

Fiber and my morning run

Back to logging food. I find it's the best way to keep me honest. I am not really counting calories but just watching the quality of food I eat. I follow South Beach but I have found that when I fall off the wagon it's for carbs so I am trying to add more to my diet. The healthy kind of course ;) Yay for Whole Grains!

I picked up some Kashi Go Lean the other day. I had it for the first time this morning. It's really very good. I was afraid that the "fiber twigs" wouldn't taste good but it was delicious with a bit of almond milk.

I am totally hooked on the almond milk for my coffee. Not as creamy as half and half but a much better flavor. I picked up rice milk as well and I will try that next. Trying to find healthier alternatives to milk and dairy. Some places I don't mind avoiding dairy but I gotta have animal milk cheese. It's pretty high in fat (and protein). Life is all about finding balance.

Actually woke up at 5 ish went for a run with my neighbor. I almost bailed but I could have sworn I heard noises on her side of the house (it's a duplex) so I didn't want to bail if she was already awake. 1.83 miles in 29.45 minutes. I did the first mile in about 15 min however on the way back there is an "oh shit" hill, that kills me. Since I didn't run at all while I was on vacation last week. It was painful. My legs were feeling it but I run a little further everytime. I am slow but I am doing it and that is what counts. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I moved to a very rural area and now have a 50 minute commute. The drive isn't so bad it helps me to unwind on the way home. However going to the gym sucks. I detour to Newington from Farmington work out then still have 30+ minute drive home. The sad thing is iI notice that my muscles start to cramp after being the car for so long. I don't go to the gym on the weekends because it's a 30 mile drive . If I have plans in the area I try to stop by after the gym. However that doesn't always work. I definitely was not getting the best out of my membership.

My new place is great and there is a little super market and there is a 24 hr gym next door. This is 2 miles from my house and 24 hrs. I looked at the membership last week and it's more than Planet Fitness but the proximity makes it so much better. And to be honest, it's a lot nicer inside than PF, has nicer equipment, classes. Definitely worth it. On the way home I cancelled PF and joined Anytime Fitness. I got my key card today.

I am planning on waking up early and running on my street. (my street is pretty long, I can do a 1.75 mile run down and back) I may double up on cardio tomorrow and go back and check it out a bit more. I need to call and make an appointment with the trainer and get an orientation on the machines.

As much as I hate waking up early in the morning I feel great when I start my day off with a run. I had only done a few weeks before vacation week and well, I didn't wake up at 5 am the week on was on vacation. I am slacker what can I say ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally a post with content

I have been really good about getting up twice a week with my neighbor and run with her. That is until I had a week off and it was the hottest week of the summer. No working out, no running. That's okay. I will start back up when I go back go to work.

I recently moved to Colchester and my gym was in Newington (almost 20 miles away) I was doing pretty good on going regularly. But I know that when I have late nights at work I don’t hit the gym. I go home to take the dog out then sit on my butt watching TV. There is a gym that is so close to my house and is 24 hrs a day. It’s about $40 a month which is double what I was paying but I think it is far more realistic that I will go to this gym when the weather is bad or I have late nights. I can run home, take the dog out, change and then hit the gym. It’s actually really nice and has nice equipment. I like the idea of doing stuff locally. The last town I lived in, I lived there 5 years and did nothing locally. This town makes me more relaxed. A lot more rural than I am used to but I find it so relaxing and peaceful.

I have been drinking a lot of iced tea lately. Unsweetened. This is the stuff. I am addicted.

Herb Tea for Weight Control - Losing weight is all about moderation, expending energy, curbing sugar cravings, and being well. That's why, if you're thinking thin, this caffeine-free blend is for you.

Based on health-promoting, organic rooibos, it includes tropical banaba leaf, cinnamon and carob which satisfy the appetite, providing craving control*. Carob and gymnema leaves help to tame your sweet tooth and the urge to indulge.

I am hooked on cooking shows lately. I like Bitchin Kitchen and Mexican Made Easy. Bitchin Kitchen is funny. I like her. I think we could go out for a few beers. Mexican Made Easy makes everything so delicious. Since the only Mexican food I know how to make is what my mommie made its nice to have alternatives. The host is actually from an area in Mexico where my mom used to live. Baja. My brother was actually born there.

So the 5k I did was on July 9th. Here are photos. I crossed the finish line! My friends and I were dead afterwards. Here is proof!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been awhile since I have updated. I have been reading some really great blogs so I am going to try and be motivational. Not to motivate others but to keep myself motivated. First things first. I need a new keyboard. I really haven't kept up with the blog because my keyboard sucks balls. The O doesn't work well and the ENTER key is broken. I have been unmotivated to get a new computer as I am barely on it unless I am on Facebook. I plan on getting a new keyboard this weekend plan t start posting on Monday. Maybe even photos of my first 5k. If I can find them.