Friday, August 17, 2012

Guilt at the Grocery Store

Went grocery shopping last night. It's been awhile since I  have been to Trader Joes so I went a little bit crazy. Combined with working late unexpectedly and I was hungry. At the regiester I thought it would be $200. Ended up being $180 but there is a lot of stuff I don't buy all the time. I also got snacks for work.  Seems like a lot now but ultimately cheaper and better than the vending machine. Picked up trail mix for the first time. I have had it before but hadn't really thought of it as a work snack. 

Why do I feel  mega guilty when I buy lots of groceries? The food gets eaten. I rarely buy lunch at work/go out for lunch. And I buy lots of healthy snacks/options, so of course it's more expensive. Ugh!

I guess with the realization that I want to buy a house I am trying to take a realistic look at what I spend. Now if only I could feel this guilty about paying for a gym membership I barely use!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Management

How do so many bloggers keep up?

I have a job, a long commute, lots of overtime, a boyfriend I get to see a few days a week, a dog, a cat and a house to take care of.  There are only so many hours in the day I can do stuff. I can’t even get to gym.

I really need to learn to get less sleep. Then maybe I could do half. Not all, because as we all know, that is impossible.

I have recently come up with a game plan to save money to buy a house in 1.5 to 2 yrs. I am hoping the market and low rates are still around. It’s a good realistic plan. Then this morning I woke up dreaming about going back to school. Ugh! I really want to do it but how?

Any ideas on how I can reduct the amount of sleep I need to be a functional adult and get everything done? I figure if I cant learn to live on like 4 hrs of sleep instead of the luxurious 7-8 I get per night. If I could seriously go to bed at 1 and be up by 5 I would have so much time for everything. Gym, school, house.
It would be fanatastic! Maybe I should try going to bed later and later and keep alarm for 5 am. Start with 1030 and making bed time later and later in 15 min increments.

How sad is it that I need to make this a part of my life?
Oh well, back to the grind of work.