Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 posts in 1 day?

I made dinner Turkey burger and veggies. Was still hungry, had another turkey burger.... it was to much. But I was still hungry. Keep reminding myself I am resetting myself. New habits. I should have hit the gym tonight. But I feel wonky. Hungry. I know it will get better. And yes, I am being whiney.

South Beach Day 2

So back on south beach. It works for me. The hardest part is phase 1. I wake up and make breakfast at about 6:30 am. Mid morning snack around 10:30. Lunch around 1:30. Midafternoon snack and dinner vary based on when I need afternoon snack and when II get home. I need to get back in gym habit. But I get home so late sometimes.. 11 hour days do not make for good gym habits. I recently found out that the long days may not change so I need to drag myself away. It's been months since I have been to the gym. It's gonna hurt.

The long days are good career wise. Kind of suck social life wise. But the extra hours means I can buy plane tickets for my mom and sister to come here for Christmas.

Anyway, food wise it isn't bad healthy food. But I do have an afternoon craving for sweet. I have sugar free jello and pudding at home. I purposely didn't pack it in my lunch because if I am craving afternoon sweets. I need to break that habit.

Other than that.. Life is good.