Saturday, August 27, 2011

1.59 a lb!

The other day I found boneless/skinless chicken breast for a $1.59/lb. all I had to do was buy at least 3 lbs. DONE!

I bought it on Sunday afternoon, I put it in some Publix Mojo Marinade. (A friend went to Florida in July and brought it back. OMG, so good. But I digress) I let it sit until this morning when I cooked it in my cast iron skillet. After letting it sit I diced it up.
(The diced up chicken)

I then portion it out to 4 oz. I am not sure if 4 oz is the right size however it seems about right. I use the snack size zip loc bags. I am not too strict on the 4 oz. A little over won't kill me. It gives me more control on the amount of food I eat.

The 13lbs I bought, give or take gave me more than 30 servings.

It all fits very nicely in my freezer.

This makes my life so much easier. For lunch during the week I can grab some chicken with some frozen vegetables or I can bring throw on some salad fixings. If I am running late I can buy the lettuce in work cafe and bring in the heavy/expensive chicken from home. This all my friend S's idea. But it has saved me money since I started doing it and I eat better at work and at home. Because I already have half of a healthy meal ready to go. Just throw on salad or frozen veggies. Works for both lunch and dinner. :)

Off to clean before Hurricane Irene strikes!

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