Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I really should have gone to gym after work. But I am so tired. My eyes hurt. (my eyes have been rebelling at my contacts for the last few days so it's been glasses, but its harder to wear the glasses for a few days)

The trainer didn't show last night. Or rather I saw her leave at 6:50 and since we were scheduled for 7 I figured she was running to her car or the grocery store next door. Nope, she left. I emailed her last night and apparently she lost her calendar. I guess if your business is based on your availability then losing your calendar is no big deal. I know the gym orientation was part of the package when I joined so I am not paying her but since I was thinking about getting a personal trainer in the future, it won't be her. Yes I sound bitchy but as much as I liked the gym, there are a few pieces of equipment I wanted her to show me. Oh well. I will try to reschedule. I am sure I sound bitchier than I mean to but I am exhausted. I am doubt I will be up much longer.

I am going into work for 7:30 tomorrow morning so I can leave at 4 so I can try to hit the spin class at 5:30. If I really like it then I may be able to modify my schedule so that once a week I go in/leave early for a fitness class. (seriously who have I become)

We ran a different route this morning. I actually did better on the first mile. The second mile was rough because there was a slight incline. But overall I feel it was better. Ran almost a mile straight. Did .38 without stopping then a brief walk and then run until 1.03 miles. I forgot to watch when I started running again. But this was so much better than when I first started in April. It's amazing how much that motivates me. Yes I could have run more of the hill but I was still out there at 530 am trying to do something for myself.

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