Saturday, July 30, 2011

Health blogs

Reading a bunch of health food blogs lately and I see that a lot of people don't drink dairy anymore. They have eggs and cheese but no milk or half and half. Rice, almond and coconut milk seems to be the trend. Next up I think I should try coconut milk.

One of the blogs I read is, myfitspiration with Hanna Curlee and Olivia Ward from The Biggest Loser. Totally addicted to that show but that is a whole different post.

Check out Well + Good NYC they have a feature where they photograph the contents of fridge. (Refrigerator Look Book)

This is what got me started on the diary free look of life. I am glad I am trying something different. I am actually very happy with the Almond Milk. They are also big on smoothie's and green drinks. Which sound good but something else to add to my routine.

Pros and Cons of smoothies? Anyone?

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