Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Logging Food

I tell myself every week I will get back on the workout/diet bandwagon. Well, the genius that I am. Jumped into the lake on Saturday off my friends swimming deck and smashed my leg into motor. (Don’t worry it was off) No cuts or bruises. Just sore. It’s funny, it’s the side of the calf that hurts. The same spot I hurt when I fell down the stairs at work last year.

I bought Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted wheat bread for my sandwiches this week. And it’s surprisingly good. Was a little concerned when I made my sandwich this morning at how dense it is. But it is surprisingly moist.

A friend recommended vs.

Myfitnesspal is supposed to be more interactive with your friends. Which is what I want. My friends are the best support system. But we are all busy and can’t keep up with each other the way we want to. (recent baby boom amongst my friends keeps them on their toes)