Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I survived my first spin class. My feet were hurting a lot during the class, I guess I need shoes with a harder sole. Oh, and my ass. Yes ass is sore from the seat of the bike. Maybe it isn't my ass but that is what I am calling it. Sitting on ice right now hoping the aftermath tomorrow won't be so bad. Overall it was a great work out. I sweated my ass off. I did better than I thought. Teacher was great and told me not to try the hills or the "jumps" but I tried. It's the only way I will get better and it was the only way I could get off my ass. Just a little bit of standing/hills/jumps helped. Everyone in the class was super nice. Helped me to set up the bike. I need to find some ibuprofen so I am not hurting too much for my morning run.

When I got to the gym I looked for the trainer who bailed on the gym orientation the other night. Yeah, so she lost her calendar and missed the appointment. She isn't available via email and when I stopped by she didn't have her calendar to schedule an appointment. So, you either lied about losing your calendar or you just don't want to do the orientation. And if you are a trainer and you should be living by your calendar why don't you have a PDA? Who doesn't have a PDA now? Seriously not happy with her but I want to learn how to use some of the equipment. SO I will stick it out and if I eventually go the Personal Trainer route I won't be working with her.

Overall yay on the Spin class but I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow morning. Boo on the trainer and the gym orientation.

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