Thursday, August 30, 2012


I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post:
I have been logging food on myfitnesspal the last few days. My goal is not to count calories but to make myself log everything.

Well yesterday was a major fail. Just too much going on. I totally doubled my recommend calories but again I have to remind myself it isn’t about calorie counting right now. Just trying to track my food.


My birthday was in July and my team did a belated birthday celebration Dunkin donuts and coffee. I didn’t have a donut in the morning but my post lunch/afternoon cravings got me. And the rest of the day went to hell. It was very sweet of my team though.

My 15 yr high school reunion is at Thanksgiving. Not sure if I want to go but I really want to lose weight before then.

I didi much better on tracking yesterday. J and I went out to dinner and I think I overtracked what I ate. (chose higher calorie options/over estmated on portions)  I am going grocery shopping after work and will spend part of my evening portioning out snacks etc. My portions are not good. I almost feel I should keep a set of measuring cups at work to watch my portions.

Now if only I could get my fat ass to the gym