Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still standing

I'm still here. Life has gotten busy. Changed jobs, bought a house. Moved in with J.  2013 was awesome and crazy. 2014 has been hectic. Working out on my lunch break. Surprised how much I love it. Snowpack lyles has fucked with my routine lately though.  
I will write more when I get a chance

Monday, December 17, 2012


It's been awhile. The holidays have kept me busy. I did great for the Pile on the Miles chaalleng in November. I did 50.61 miles. My goal was 50 miles. There were several times over the month I wasn't sure I w ould meet my goa.. Aches and paines. But I am did it!

I am trying to track for miles both elliptical and treadmill and I haven't been great at it. I have struggled to get to the gym. I seem to be developing a stomach issue if I have too much dairy. And going to the gym with stomach issues is not recommended.

I live in CT, you would have to be in a coma to miss what happened here on Friday. Sandy Hook.  When it all started going down I thought it was a custody issue. No idea that some kid, (a 20 yrd is a kid) could do this. The police believe they have a good idea of the motive but haven't released it. It's hard to beleive something so horrible to happen to kids who just started school. To kids that haven't had a chance to get in trouble yet, to live yet. It is just so sad. I don't know anyone who was hurt but my friends have lost a step sister, a friend from school and more. I just can't imagine it. We are all sad.  It is going to be awhile to feel normal and I am not in Newtown. I can't imagine for the people who live there and those affected by this tragedy. My stupid rantings on weightloss seem so inconsequential.

I am sad. I have no other words to describe and I mourn for those kids and teachers. The teachers did the best they could to help those kids. 1 was shot while trying to hold the door shut, another was shot while protecting her kids.

Again, Sadness.  I think thats all for now.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks!

I got a chance to hit the gym yesterday before dinner. Got there around 10 am or so and the parking lot was pretty busy. I got to the door and saw the sign, closing at 12. So I crammed in as much as a I could and left about 11:57. Ran only 2.3 miles and did the cross ramp elliptical for about 50 min. Managed to have a relatively healthy dinner. However I drank my calories last night.

Went home to check on the cat and opted to run at the trail by my house. I did great. At 10 min I was more than .75 miles. I couldn't believe it. After that the trail started to go up hill and i slowed down. I turned around at 2.5 miles however my run tracker said my final mileage was 4.92. Not sure how that worked out. On well. I still averaged just under 15
min miles. At the gym I am usually over 16 min. I don't know what it is about running outside but my pacing is better. Maybe not having the display to stare at helped. Drove back to enfield to be with J and stopped at gym and did another hour of cardio. Here are some pics of the trail.

This may be TMI, but after my shower J was looking at me and commented how I was losing weight. Nothing feels better than having your significant other notice and appreciate all the hard work you are doing. I am so grateful for his support and encouragement. It makes the aches and pains worthwhile.

Back to enjoying my long weekend. Hoping to get a run in tomorrow. But we'll see how my legs feel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have walked/run 33.56 miles this month. My goal is 50 and it’s going to be ah struggle to get there.

Honestly my body hurts. I thought I was ready for this but my knee isn’t. I have had to add *lots* of walking. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not quitting I am just adding more rest in between my "walk/run" days. I am not a natural runner. I am frustrated I can’t do more but the reality is I have to adjust to make sure I don’t injure myself.


Life has gotten hectic. Work is getting busier and busier. I worked Veteran’s Day and went in the following Saturday. I should be greatful I have a job and I do enjoy the overtime money but it’s exhausting. I am struggling to balance work, gym and J. Fortunately J is great about me having to work the occasional weekend and he is my number #1 cheerleader on the gym thing so I am a very lucky girl. But it's tough. I need to be in multipled places at once and it's a very hard balancing act. But I just bought a 125 gallons of oil and it hurt. So I definitely need to resusitate my savings account. And since mortgage rates are at an all time low again I am trying to figure out /save to buy a house sooner vs. later. Like in the spring. I can't afford to wait any longer. If the rates go up and I don't act I will be stupid. Lower rates means I can get more house for my money (err.. monthly payment)

I have fallen of track a little with my health plan. I haven't been logging food like I should and I haven't been eating as well as I could. Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Athena have really done a number on me the last few weeks. Fortunately I have been able to keep up the gym routine. I haven't really lost but I have maintained my weight which is a awesome!

This month has been about a lot of struggle. Greatful it's almost over and I have been able to continue to at least hit the gym even if I am not eating right. Exercise has always been the key for me to lose weight.