Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bad ree

I have fallen off the dieting wagon. I fell of the gym wagon.
The last month has been crazy. Good and bad stuff

Met a guy. He is great. Lost a friend which sucked.
Holidays. I can't seem to avoid the bad food right now.
Everyone is baking cookies.
I need to re read the southbeach book. I need some guidance and I need
to get my ass back in the gym. I
haven't been to gym in 2 weeks and the last 2 works outs before that
were lame/short.

I need to get back in the habit of going. But everytime I think, " I
will go to gym tonight" something comes up friends, drama
and I don't go. Still haven't finished Xmas shopping. Need to hit
grocery store and liqour store. Blarg. Too much right now.
Looking forward to this weekend. Absolutely no plans which means I can
get my kitchen in order. Do a proper grocery shopping list and start
fresh for diet.
Maybe even hit gym both Sat and Sun. Last weekend I had time but we
got hit with a lovely wnter storm.

I think this year I am going to make a new years resolution. I usually don't
this year.
go to gym min of 2 x a week and work on eating better/sticking to south beach