Friday, September 28, 2012

Bitch Mode

Out of curiosity I "googled" my blog. I came up higher than I thought. # 5. Not bad. Considering I don't really do anything to advertise my blog. Maybe I should do something about that.

yesterday was a bad day. I didn't feel like making breakfast so I stopped on the way to work. Yes I got a chocolate donute. But they are so good. It is not a dunkiin donut. It is from a small coffee shop near my house. Omg, so soft and amazing. Well after that they just got worse. System issues when I got to work. People were being stupid and weren't doing their jobs so it became my job to hold their hand. My coffee tasted too sweet. So I think with the bad day aned th bad choice of breakfast my blood sugar jumped. As my boss put it, I was in bitch mode. So at lunch I went to get oil changed and get out of building. I also had them flush the tramsission fluid. (I was so past due so it took longer than expected) well I get back to work 2 yrs later and I felt better and realized why my emotions were so wonky. Sugar! I don't put it in my tea, I drink lots of water. I have been reducing the amount of splenda I put in coffee so I really don't have a lot of sugar and yesterday I think I overloaded and went into bitch mode. I was so exhausted when I got home. I made dinner and went to bed early. Sugar High and really bad sugar low. I know this about myself but every so often I forget and I go into Bitch mode.

Today will be better. Weighed in and I am down. Not a lot but every bit counts. And my clothes fit better every day. That counts a lot. GOing to try and found a circut around J's house tomorrow or I may cave and join Planet Fitness and have 2 gym memberships.  So I can work out on the weekends regardless of whose house I am at. If only my gym had a location up there.

Hrm. Checking my current gym website, they have a location 6.6 miles from J's house. A second membership may not be necessary. I have emailed them to see if I have access with my current membership.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Habit Vs. Routine

How long does it take to create a routine?

I have been far more consistent the last few weeks with going to the gym. Last 3 weeks I haver gone at least twice a week.  I asked Facebook last night and my friend S said it becomes a habit when you no longer have to think about it. Another friend said 21 days and another said a month.  If you go by S's statement which I quite like,  my morning of getting up and being to work by 730 is just a routine. I don't think about it anymore. I just wake up and try to leave by 630 or earlier. Part of it is traffic. The earlier I leave the less I am in the car sitting in traffic. And since work currently has OT, we all win :) Or most importantly, my savings account wins. Which means by doing OT in the morning, I can leave work at a reasonable time and go to the gym. Which is what I have done the last few weeks.  I really want to be able to keep this up. It is very important to me.

Oh, I am trying something new when I go out to dinner. I try to leave something on the plate. Since the portions are so huge, there is more than enough for several meals. So I am trying very hard to not "clean my plate" Its harder than it sounds. I feel like since I was a kid that my parents always told me to finish  my food when we went out to dinner. So the impulse to always finish my food when I am already full is there. Which I feel, at least for me, makes me over eat and continue to eat when I am full. So far so good. Sometimes I save the leftovers and forget them in the fridge. But it feels so wastefull to not try and save the food. But on the other hand, it just takes up space in my fridge.

Ok, Back to your regular scheduled program!

Monday, September 24, 2012

4:07 Wake up call

I did really well yesterday and this weekend. Hit the gym both Saturday and Sunday. Stayed under calories (just barely) but again I remind myself I'm not calorie counting. However I am still hurting from my run Saturday. Going up the stairs to work was really rough. When I get up to go to the bathroom or a meeting, its a slow start. Movement appears to be key

I picked up a new Tea from Republic of Tea. Get Burning  It is supposed to help speed up metabolism. Has cayenne pepper in it. I add that to my food a lot but it's a bit weird when I first tried it but it's not bad. It's my 2nd day drinking it so I am hoping after a week or so I will notice a differnce

I also joined a  BJ's warehouse club yesterday. I got a notice a few weeks ago for 2 free months. Well, 2 free months + $50 to renew or just $40 for 14  months. I chose the $40 option. They had some good deals though. I got Baby Bell Cheese in a 22 pack for $9 and the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 12  for $10  . They had coupons in front so I actually got them for less. I will also probably not run out of toilet paper, papoer towels, cat food or litter for awhile. They had a lot of what I normally buy there in bulk. I think it will be work it. Hopefully next trip won't be so expensive but then I won't need paper goods quite so soon.

Last night was good, had a good dinner a good work out. Well this morning I just woke up. I lean over to look at my phone it was 4:07 am. Ouch! I tried to make myself go back to sleep but I really just tossed and turned until I gave up about 4:50 am. My normal wake up time is 5:10-5:30. So I was ready to leave the hosue by just after 6. I stopped to get gas and coffee and still made it to work by 7.   When I told J, he said maybe the gym is giving me more energy. Who knows! It would be  nice to do my OT in the morning and get home at a reasonable hour. But I will wait and see if this morning repeats itself.

Hoping to leave by 5 today and hit the gym. Although Mondays are super crowded :(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 memberships

I left J's house yesterday. Came home cleaned up and actually went to gym. I was very proud of myself. I am increasing my stamina. Ran for more than 10 min straight. A miracle considering its been months since I ran. Went and did some stretches and more cardio.

J and I went to my friend K's for dinner. On the way I discussed maybe getting a $10 membership at the gym down the street from his house. Buy I was worried Might not go. Let's be honest I spend $10 on stupid stuff all the time. Well he said he would make me go. He is really supportive of my fitness goals and making time for the gym. It will be nice to find time for exercise when I spend the weekends with him.

However it seems pretty ridiculously have 2 gym memberships. One near my house and one near his house. Next weekend is his birthday. Hoping I can come up with a nice little jogging route. Maybe do that vs gym membership. At least for now