Sunday, September 11, 2011

Run take 2

Tried to run at the trail yesterday. but either because of the wind from Irene or the recent rains the trail was a mess. There were groves in the dirt and twigs everywhere. Really couldn't focus on running. Was worried about dodging stuff so I wouldn't hurt myself. There were some deep grooves in the trail. So after about a 1/4 mile I turned back,  opted to go to the gym instead.

 I need to get back into my gym routine. The last few weeks have been rough. I have to be ready for my 5k. It will be my 2nd, 5k but the first time my family will be there. So I gotta "represent."  After the run cousin and I are going to my brothers for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be nice. My mom and dad, my brother and his kids, my little sister, my aunt and cousin. . I miss them but I don't think I can live there anymore. I like Connecticut far too much but  I know that if things changed at work and Texas was a required I would do it. Pick up and move. Just because I like CT doesn't mean I get a choice in the matter. (The reason I am talking about this is work is laying off people. 10 this week and another 30k+ expected. yes, that is THIRTY THOUSAND people. Please note this is what is being reported in local news outlets. Nothing has been confirmed by my employer.  I have no idea what I would do if I get laid off. I have a few back up plans I am working on.).

My goal is to be able to run the whole 5k. No matter how slow I go, I want to keep running. Haven't decided which race we are doing. But I want my family to support us and cheer us on during the run. And it will be nice to have a holiday meal with my family. It's been far too long. The last few years I have been a holiday orphan, going to 1 friends or another. I am glad I have great friends but I have definitely been missing my family lately. 


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