Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas. Didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain either. Ended up not going to gym at all last week. Back to normal this week and then I leave for California on Sunday.

My sister is back in CT for winter term and then to finish her degree. I have missed her a lot. Glad she is back. She is going to go to gym with me tonight. Let's see if she sticks to it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Motivation People!

I am having trouble getting motivated for the holidays. I don't know what's up. I don't want to go to anyone's house. I can't afford to go to my mom's (tickets around $500 seems like a huge waste of money). Granted most holidays I end up crying for some reason. The reason varies and it's usually over something stupid.

Right now work is slow and it happens every decemeber. I am traveling again for work and I leave in 16 days. So right now, It's filler time at work. Just trying to finish up what I can before I leave.

I am in a rut right now. There are few things that are in the pipeline to reach for over the next few months but it's all dependent on manangement. (we have temporary manager for my department) I know the things are coming aren't going to happen until we have permanent management. If the temp guy for CA wants to stay I am all for it. He is awesome but I want permanence so I can fight for a promotion I want.

The only thing that seems to help lately is going to the gym. Lame I know but it is something with in my grasp to get right now. If that is the only thinkg keeping me sane I will just have to accept it. The really sad thing is there is a happy hour tonight for a co worker who is transferring and I would rather go to the gym. The thought of going to a crowded bar I don't like to say good bye to someone I do like...

my mood is all over the place

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This morning while putting on lotion I noticed something amazing.
My stomach is not as big as it was. It isn't flat but it is flatter than it was
Now when I suck in my stomach, girls you know what I am talking about, its easier and I can feel the muscles working. Lately I have been trying to suck in stomach while running/eliptical and I feel it. Maybe that is helping!!

What motivation to actually notice a body part get smaller.

Gave blood yesterday so no gym last night. Really did not want to faint on the treadmill. That would be bad. So last night ended up watching tv and going to bed at 9:30. Super early for me. But I slept really well.

Tonight back to gym. Going to start Week 3 of Couch to 5K. Can't tell you how much I love this program. While I am running it can suck but I have been building my staminia which has been my goal.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Another gym day! It still sucks to run but it is definitely getting easier. I never thought that would happen. I did dfind my miracle song that got me through the last few minutes of running. Sheena is a Punk Rocker by the Ramones. Now to redo my work out mix so I have a running mix and a regular work out mix.

Last night was a short work out but you know what. I went and some days that is all that matters. Weight is holding steady no major decreases. I think if I can start eating better I will see a decrease in weight.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been really bad the last week or so. No tracking foods. Just haven't been up to it. I have been going to the gym though. The really bad thing is that I am not eating a healthy balanced diet. I just can't seem to get motivated for that. More often then once this week my dinner consisted of cereal. That really isn't good. But when that is all you want/crave it's hard. I need to spend part of my weekend cooking for the week and freezing meals. I know that when I have done it in the past it has been very convienient however with my impending travel everything requires so much more effore. (Why bother doing this or that when I am going to be gone for a month)

Tonight I will do Day 3, week 2 of C25K. I am actually looking forward to it. The rest of the week will be week 3, which is actually a repeat of week 2. I was happy when I read that. After starting week 2, it being easier then I thought I was thinking I would really like to have 2 weeks of it to help with my stamina. I am still struggling at the end of my runs but I keep doing it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Gym last night. Started week 2 of Couch to 5k. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Toward the end I had to slow my pace down. But I was able to run for 90 seconds. I remember when I couldn't run for 30 seconds. So that makes me happy.

I have to look at the small picture sometimes. A few weeks ago I couldn't do something and now I can. It's what keeps me motivated. I don't want to think about how many pounds I need to lose or how long it will take. I figure if I focus on the fitness goals. Running a mile continuously and running a 5k. It will keep me from losing track. Oh and actually going to the gym more than once a week. THAT really helps.

I have been reading PastaQueen . While I don't follow any particular diet plan it is entertainng to read some misshaps and some experiments, (monthly, she tries new fruit/veggie) I don't know if anyone reads this but it helps me to "talk" about it. Luckily my gym buddies are really gerat about listening!

I guess I should be working now. What fun

Monday, December 7, 2009

bad weekend

I tried to start week 2 of Counch to 5 k. Ended up with a shooting pain in my shin. Last time that happened, I needed better shoes. After buying better shoes. (sports store next to gym) I didn't end up at gym this weekend. Got home from gym Friday night and ate. I was starving. Ate more than normal. In fact I ate a lot on saturday as well. I don't know what's up with that. but it happens.

This weekend I did nothing. No housework no gym. I just had a lazy weekend. I know that isn't good for what I want for my goals. But I couldn't get motivated. Not sure if its the weather. Snowed this weekend. (although not the first snow of the season. That happened in October when I was in California)

I need to head to the laundromat tonight. No more clean clothes. As I will soon be traveling again for work (waiting on confirmation of dates) I want to get a head start on what I will pack . Last time I brought too many clothes I didn't wear. I have a few things needing sewing.

Just talking to someone from the area I will be in. Weather is inconsistent. Looks like I will have to bring lots of long sleeves. Who knows what weather will be like.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I am wondering if I should be posting what I eat vs. maybe just total calories for the day.Granted I usually copy and paste from previous day. Yes I know my lunchs are boring but it's convient. I couldn't find somthing on my Losing It app for iPhone ao I didn't completely log my calories. Must admit I was surprised that LEan cusine panini's weren't there. I did cheat a little. Wheat bread with Nutella. So yummy. I
manually added in the panini and I was still under my calorie goal for the day. So that is good. I did splurge with the nutella. but the chocoloate hits the spot.

I didn't hit the gym last night, boy texted me and wanted to hang out. He was haveing a rough day so I chose boy over gym. Eh, it happens. He is busy tonight so I will try to go after work. Need to run home and take out the dog first.

I keep telling myself my goal for weight loss is not to buy a plus size bridesmaid dress however I know that bridesmaid dresses run small. My size 4-6 friend had to get a size 12. So I know I may still end up in the 20's even if my jean size is smaller. But I think its a good motivation anyway.

In the fall I was traveling for work and it looks like I may do so again. Waiting for confirmation on dates and stuff. Luckily the hotel we were at last time had a gym. So I know I can work out as long as I don't get distracted. I also need to make better choices at restaurants. SO hard to choose the good option when you are in a new place and new restaurant and have exciting alternatives. I also need to see if we are at a different hotel if I can get a temp membership at a gym near by. My gym while it has locations all over the country is about 50 miles from where I will be. (In Los Angeles, that is 2 hours of traffic) there has to be a better option. I think I will check out 24 hour fitness and see if I can get a temp membership. I know there is one close to where I will be. Without paying too much. Maybe I should just hope we are at same hotel or new hotel has gym facility. Don't really want to pay $50 a month for a temp membership. If I can get a temporary memembership.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I almost forgot
Did Day 3/Week 1 of Couch to 5 k
Will do Day 1/Week 2 tonight
and about 15 min on eliptical
and some weights

again I don't try to count calories I burned with weights
I know it's just increasing my overal calorie burn.
Oh, just in case anyone reads this and loves me enough to buy me things
I want this:
GoWear fit Display Device

I really want something that will accurately count my calories

What I ate Day 2

Didn't add enough water to my oatmeal, now it's a little dry. oh well.
I did 2 packets today. I was starving when I got home from gym last night. Maybe I need the extra oatmeal in the am to have a lighter dinner. Let's see what happens tonight.

My meals are uninventive. Easy. But it helps to monitor calories and planning.

Breakfast and Morning Snack
Coffee with half and half and splenda (guess, 24 oz)
1 pkg - Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, weight control, with dried mixed berries
8 oz of Orange Juice
1 medium apple
2 wedges Laughing cow cheese, with
15 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free (yes I counted crackers)

arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese
1/2 cup iceberg lettuce
1/8 cup pasta salad
1/8 tuna salad
1- mott's pomegranite apple sauce

Afternoon Snack
1 wedge lauging cow cheese
15 crackers. (may have been less but I wasn't couting since I had planned 2 portions in lunch and the only ones I didn't eat were broken

2 friend eggs, 2 pieces of toast
corned beef hash with a scrambled egg (made that as not to waste the corned beef hash, didn't like it but I kept eating, was starved after gym)

1 slice bread w/ nutella

Total calories: 2247
exercise: 396
Net calories: 1851
Technically only over 45 calories
not bad
I do think I will plan dinner better.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diet Plan

I am going to have small meals through out day vs. larger meals.

This morning:7 am ish
coffee w/ half and half and splenda

later in morning at work
oatmeal with dried berries 9 am ish
8 oz oj after I finished oatmeal
just finished an apple 10:45 ish
next snack is laughing cow cheese and some crakcers

Not sure what is best as far as a schedule to time my meals
Should I do every 2 hours or so? Or is there a better option

granted when I eat it takes 15 minutes or more, I know that if I don't rush to eat my food that I will have a chance to begin digestion and have brain tell me I am full so I stop eating when I am full.

I am thinking about using this to Document food so here it goes
This will be a day behind.
I am using "Losing It" on my iphone to track calories
Calorie count won't be exact

Coffee with half and half and splenda (guess, 24 oz)
2 pkgs - Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with dried mixed berries (2 pkgs was too much)
8 oz of Orange Juice

Morning Snack
2 wedges Laughing cow cheese, with
15 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free (yes I counted crackers)

arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese

Afternoon snack
1 wedge laughin couw cheese
with 7 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free

Pre Gym
arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese

Turkey meatballs I made the other night
no pasta, with sauce

evening snack
1 slice wheat bread with nutella
calories consumed: 1948teadmill 30 min: burn 144 calories
net calories 1804

calorie budget is 1806
so I was within, barely but in guidelines
I don't count the weight machines in my exercise since I can't seem to quantify the calories, so that is just "spare room"

today I had 1 oatmeal package and that was fine.
My orange juice says 90 Calories but my calorie counter says 110. So I do have leeway there.

Wow, long ass post. But I figure if I am accountable for food I eat and exercise it will help.

By the way, my goal is to not buy a plus size dress for my friends wedding next year.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Insert Something Witty

Finally got a new scale. It shows weight, BMI and body fat percentage.
So far I like it. My body fat and bmi are high but I knew that. Now with a scale I can monitor it.
Went to gym twice last week. didn't make it over the long weekend. Goal this week is gym at least twice.

Now that V is on hiatus it gives me free time on Tuesday for gym I would go tonight but I really have to hit store and get cat litter.

Tomorrow I will do gym again.
Working on Couch to 5k. I really like the program. Really attainable.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

30 Day Shred

I did the 30day shred tonight. It kicked my butt. But I did it. I had to modify the cardio part. The jumping jacks/jump rope was too much but I did the butt kicks, no jumping. And the punches. I have something to work toward though. I really want to try and alternate gym and the 30 day shred. Right now legs hurt so much not sure if I can do it tomorrow was already sore after gym last night. (worked on legs then wore heels today. I am soooo smart.).

I am proud of myself for getting off the couch. I just need to do that more often. I also need to get on the scale. Don't even know what I weigh. I need a starting point though. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. I should do it now but I just don't feel like it. I did the DVD which was my goal, so I did good tonight.

Stationary Bike vs. Arc Eliptical.

Started back at the gym last week. Did a light work out. Needed to just get into the routine. Went back again last night. I did the stationary bike and I was so bored. It was a struggle to last 10 minutes. I barely burned any calories, I would rather use the evil arc eliptical because then I know I am just brning calories. The treadmill I don't burn a lot of calories but I feel it helps me with my stamina.

My goal for tonight is to bust out the Jilliam Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I have had it for awhile. I am sure it is going to kick my butt. But my Lovely Liz is getting married next year and I am a bridesmaid. And yes I want to look hot. A wedding is an excellent motivator.

I am trying to stay off my butt when I get home from work. I have a habit of going into a tv coma in the evenings lately. I got so used to working OT during the summer that now it's odd to be home after work. Don't get me wrong I take the dog out, but that's about it for my evening.

I had a nicer, longer post written and then it was eating :(

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Travel is over. I have been back at work a full week. Can't tell you how happy that made me. Travel was a great experience but I was just tired at the end. Missing home.

I got a dog when I got back. A Chihuahua. He is about 7 lbs. Smaller then my cat but I love him. He is adorable, scared of the cat and my boyfriend. He and cat are getting better. Just have to give the dog a chance to get to know the boyfriend.

Going back to gym tomorrow with B. Can't wait. Need to get back into a routine. A friend is getting married next fall and I want to be super hot. I am in the wedding so there is definitely pressure.

My eating habits haven't been great since I have been back but my portions have definitely gotten smaller. That was one of my issues was that the portions were huge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tired and missing home

2 weeks to go before I can get back to real life. This has been azmazing opportunity but I am definitely ready to go home. On Friday someone asked me if I would be willing to dothis gain in February. I do not know how serious the question was. I would do it but would like to be closer to home so I could go home every weekend. That really isn't possible from LA to Hartford. Goig home for long weekend. My flight leaves at 1 pm and I should be home at midnight. Then I don't leave again until Monday the 12th and I think it'S a 12:30 flight. That should bring me back o hotel by 8pm.

When I get back I am taking a few days off. Then I am back to work and I will also be back into gym routine. All this eating out is killing me. Weight wise. I need to watch what I eat but I need to male some better choices.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Talking to B at work. Going to get back on gym schedule when this is done. I need to. Getting over a cold right now so hitting the gym just isn't possible. I go into coughing fits If I do too much. Like rushing to flight yesterday. That was fun.

Looking at iPhone apps to helps calorie count. I have a free one now but I am not too found of it. I will check out a few more tonight. I need to be accountable some how and logging food/exercise helps me.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am in California on business so I eatvout every meal. So hard to lose weight . I went tithe gym last week but not this week. Next week I will be better. I am here for another 3 weeks. I have been gone 4 weeks already. When I do go home it is a quick visit. Hardly seems worth it but my bed is just so cozy.

My friend is getting married next year and I am bridesmaid. So I want to look super hot. When traveling done I will go back to old g schedule.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was good, what a shock!

Every post seems to start with how bad I have been lately. For once I was good. I worked til 8:30 last night and was still awake and opted to go to the gym. As I was turning on the street where the gym was I started yawning. I did a half assed work out. Less then an hour but I did something!! I am so proud of myself. It's been a struggle to get to gym with the long hours I have been working. But I bought Ocean Spray Cran Energy and wow. It really helped and didn't make my heart race like other energy drinks. I brought another today so that it can keep me energized to hit gym and do a normal workout.

My diet buddy Liz, got the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred She and another friend are doing the workout together . I had bought the same dvd a month ago and still haven't used it. So my goals i to do the dvd at least once this week and hopefully alternate dvd and gym.

Also I am back on Phase 1 of South Beach. Feels good already. Hard as far as I really have to prep my meals but its worth it. I don't know if the Cran Energy is on the South Beach plan but I don't care. If it keeps my energy levels up so I can go to the gym after working 12 hours. Then I will deal.

That is all for now. Hopefully I can start to post more often.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have been bad.

I have been bad.
Not dieitng barely going to gym. I transfered departments at work and have been busy to say the least. Right now I am working 12 hr days and its hard to go to the gym when I am already tired.
A group at work is doing the biggest loser so I signed up. It's a kick in the butt to get back to the gym and get healthy. Now I am accountable. My friend Liz ( will be my diet buddy and we can discuss our diet etc. That will help me to stay accountable. That has been my biggest downfall, accountability. So easy to let my self cheat but Liz won't let me be so bad.

It's been a rough few months. I gained back 20 lbs that I had lost last fall. Not a happy camper but I need to move on and take it one day at a time and one snack at a time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The aftermath

It's February, Holidays are over and Ijust started getting back to gym
last week. I got on a scale and weight gain is about 15 lbs. Not good
but can be worse. I need to start watching what I eat again. No gym is
ok if I watch what I eat. I just got the Wii Fit. Its fun. I just
need to use that on days I don't go to gym. 20 minutes at least. The
yoga I think will help with m stress levels. I am looking forward to
more games to come out for the wii fit. The Biggest Loser game is
supposed to be good.

Still have my goals just need to get my ass in gear.

Made chili last night. Made enough to last for awhile. It will be good
to have easy meals around. That is my weakness. Not having something
ready to eat when I get home from work.