Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally home

Dinner tonight was quinoa and black beans with a bit of feta. I would have used queso fresco but there wasn't any at the grocery store I went to. Dessert is a bowl of cherries and grapes. I love cherries in the summer. It might even beat chocolate. Only thing better, is cherries with nutella! I love that stuff.

Just got home, stopped at the grocery store and spent a bit too much but it was all on good stuff. Eggplant, celery, cherries, grapes, sweet potatoes, chicken sausage (on sale) Why does the fresh food have to be so expensive? Trader Joe's helps because they do have things cheaper. (almond mile is almost a $1 cheaper and it's the same size, it's generic. I can live with that) I totally had to get more VitaTops. It's a new addiction I think.

Busy weekend. Sunday is church, baby shower, bbq. Saturday is a friends bday party I am going to try to go to but I have been so tired this week we shall see. I really want to go to the trail tomorrow and I really want to make the egg plant and freeze it to eat later. Stayed a bit later at work then planned to help my boss with something. Well, it was PT and there is no OT so I am sure I will get yelled at on Monday. Oh well.

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