Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

blah.. Not a great run again. I wore a running skirt and went earlier in the day. This helped but I really need new shoes. The foot pain was there and the fun of wearing shorts while running. You know what I am talking about. I know the more I run the easier it will be and the more I run I will get used to it but it hurt like hell. Walking hurt. It helped when I picked up my pace but I couldn't maintain that. But it felt really good to be running that fast. (fast for me anyway)I read online that gold bond would help. It didn't. I used that before I left. Next time I will try deodorant` I guess. Or maybe just spend the money for Body Glide

2.09 miles in 36.18 minutes which means a 17.31 pace. Again pretty crappy run. Hoping when I get my new sneaks it will be easier.

I got home and spent some time in my garden pulling all the weeds out. The basil is doing really well. If anyone actually reads this and lives local, and you want some basil, let me know.

Need to put up laundry I did while I was running. Then relax before Shag Frenzy

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