Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday night is alright for fighting.

My friend L and her hubby were visiting from North Carolina and it was her last night so we did dinner and a movie. Went to Bostons Gourmet Pizza I had the Mediterranean Salad with Salmon. Delicious! I am getting better at making the smart choices when I go out. We went and saw Harry Potter 7 part 2, again.

Came home right after because I was so tired. The whole drive home my lips were itching. Now I am wondering if I have a food allergy. This started BEFORE dinner,my lips were feeling weird then, so I don't think it was dinner.

My contacts were killing me. I got home and threw out my contacts. I really need to wear my glasses for the next week or so and let my eyes rest. But its so hard to run/work out wearing my glasses. I guess I am just used to wearing contacts. Although people do it all the time so I just just STFU and wear my glasses.

Just had 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast and a banana. I had it with rice milk. The rice milk was great with the cereal but not my coffee. I think I will stick with the almond milk for the most part. I need to run and get some more tomorrow when I am near Trader Joes.

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