Monday, October 3, 2011

Incline baby

Success! gym after work. I did my run/walk for only 30 min. I did however add an incline so I made it harder. I didn't make the distance but I am making myself work for it.

I am trying to improve the strength of my legs. I almost feel like my legs aren't strong enough. My calves etc. I am finally getting better at stamina but the strength just isn't there yet. I do leg press and the abductor machines and squats all in an attempt to build strength.It's really hard to try and know which exercises I need to do to build overall strength. I want my skin to recover as I lose weight. I wish I could afford a trainer. I have had to modify my budget to afford the closer/more expensive gym.  I am hoping I can find a way to at least afford once a month. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I think even once a month as a "check up" the trainer could help me focus. That is several months away if it happens. Until then I will just continue going to the gym and pushing myself harder and harder. That is how I will see success.

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