Friday, August 19, 2011


Going to a wedding in a few weeks. A friend was dress shopping for herself and found a dress she thought I would like. Which I did! It was on sale, so with tax less than $30 and I had sent to the local JC Penny store. I bought a size 18, I have been between 18 and 20 for awhile now. (depending on the store too) The reality is, if the wedding was later I would have gotten a size 16. I am very excited. If I don't fit into it I have another dress I can wear. But I am really want to wear this dress. I just make sure the next few weeks keep on track with what I am already doing and just watch what I eat. Again, exactly what I have been doing. Maybe up the cardio which I have been working on anyway. (rather then sit on my ass I hit the gym) And do more toning exercises.

At the gym last night I used a Bosu Ball to do some squats. Wow, much hard than I thought. Maintaining balance was very hard. I just need to stay active. I think that is key. That and maybe avoid alcohol too will help.

I will know more on where I stand when the dress arrives. I can't wait!

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