Monday, October 15, 2012

Different Directions

It's been a busy week. Every time I try to write something I get distracted/pulled into something else. However unlike previous times, when I didn't post for a week or more I am still on the wagon.
Working out about 4 days a week and eating well. has really helped me to watch what I eat. Even if I go over calorie counts for the day it isn't the end of the world.

I have been really working on running. However my knee is starting to feel the consequences. Which means I wrap it in an ace bandage at night. ( I do more damage at night)
I am tryingt o add more walking to help.( Ie Sat run, sun walk, mon run, tues walk) Working on building strength. This is my first week or 3rd day of it. I think I need to look into getting another ace bandage to wrap up my knee. One for the gym and one to sleep it. Stupidly I wore heels to work today for the first time in months and I feel it.

Saturday J and I went out to eat a few times. Lunch at Ruby Tuesday and Dinner at Hilltop BBQ. I had a calorie heavy lunch, turkey avocado burger with the grilled zuchhini and sweet potato fries. Ruby Tuesday has a "healthy and fit menu" get the grilled zucchini. It's delicious! The turkey burger was good but I could have made a better choice. Luckily I knew I would be hitting the gym or I would never  have gotten it. that meal was more than half my daily calories. I had their nutrition menu open on my phone and was looking things up as I went through the menu. It's funny on my way home I was "mad" at myself because I could have made a better choice. Oh well. I burned all those calories at the gym. Yes I am a bit crazy and did a slightly harder/longer work out to do that.  Dinner was slighly better. I added the ingredients seperate. I had the BBQ salad with pulled pork. Sadly they didn't have a light salad dressing option so I feel most of the calories from dinner came from the garlic parmesan. The meal was delicous though.

Kept up with the weekend work outs. It's nice, I don't feel rushed. I can do more.

It has taken me far to long to write this. So I will go back to my regularly scheduled program aka work!