Tuesday, December 30, 2008

on the wagon

I went to the gym last night. First time in almost 3 weeks. It was a short work out but I went. Go me. I plan to go again tonight.

I am not normally one for New Year's Resolutions but this year I plan to do it.
1) go to gym 2 times a week.
2) drink more water. Make sure water consumption is at least equal to soda consumption ie.. can't have a 3 sodas a day anymore without drinking water
I still want to get to my goal weight but let's be honest the last few weeks I have been bad. I haven't gotten on scale because i am scared to know how much of the 30 lbs I lost I have gained back.

I think my 2 goals are realistic. I am not setting a weight goal because there will be set backs. I am realistic but don't want to add pressure to myself of how much I want to lose and by when. I figure if I stick to eating plan and gym the weight will drop off. Slowly but surely.

Tomorrow is NYE so I will eat drink and be merry and then back to South Beach on Thursday.
I get paid tomorrow so I will do a big grocery shopping trip to help.