Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mamma Chia

A while ago Monica @ Run Eat Repeat posted about Mamma Chia.  I found out that  the local Whole Foods had it. While it ison my way home, I usually only go when I need something specific. Going to try out a drink isn't specific enough. I have been adding Chia seeds to my salads lately. so I definitely wanted to try it. Today I am in the mood to bake so I needed to pick up some coconut oil and a few other things for healthy baking. (yes it's possible). I had to look all over the store to find it. I think they had 10 sections of cold beverages. It took awhile to find. I really only noticed the Cherry Lime.

I think I liked it:
It was a little weird texture wise. The chia seeds get gelatinized if in liquid too long but it was really good. I have had chia chocolate pudding and that is pretty good. I think I may make some for dessert tonight.

I definitely deserve to pig out a bit tonight. Work announced layoffs. I am off today but 10 people were affected in my immediate area. Not good. I am sure I will hear more in the morning.

Back to spin class tonight, last week gym was closed so no spin and the week before the teacher was on vacation. So it's been a few weeks. Really need to get back into the swing of things.

I really need to start running again, it's been a rough few weeks. Morning runs ended, Irene, no water and no power. My cousin and I are doing a 5k on Thanksgiving Day. I will be doing a 5k in a different state. Go me! And since my cousin and are I doing it the whole family has to show up. Kind of excited for that. I have done a lot of changes in the last year and since my family lives in Texas they don't get to see this. I can also get some real Mexican food. Not this crap availble in the Northeast. My mom's cooking is amazing and there is a lady who works for my brother that makes amazing tortillas and tamales.

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