Saturday, August 6, 2011

Run and other stuff

I did not feel like running today. I am having an allergic reaction around my mouth and something is up with my eyes. They are watering like crazy. But I did it! Went to airline trail and ran 3.16 miles in about 51 minutes. So time is an estimate, the mileage is correct because I remember checking the program and turning around at 1.58 miles. I wanted to see what a 5k time would be like. I must have hit something so my tracker stopped at 2.95 miles But I ran. Lately for me it isn't so much about my pace as it is about me getting off my ass and doing something. I have a lot of weight to lose and right now it's all about the little steps. I almost forgot to mention the bug that flew into my eye and the bug I swalloed while running. The bug was on the way back, it's a good thing too. I think that would have caused me to turn back early.

Now eating a turkey burger. Don't worry I checked to make sure it wasn't recalled. That is what prompted me to pull it out of the freezer for lunch and make it for lunch.

I stopped at CVS after the run and got Benedryl. Hoping this helps.

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