Monday, March 12, 2012

Hoop de Hoop

Went to hoop class yesterday. Worked on some tricks. Struggled on some. Did them as soon as I got home and I got it. Per Jess, I was focusing too hard on it. But I did switch to another trick and worked on that.  I did stay active so I got my cardio work out. She is bringing hoops to Shag Frenzy so I will have to hoop some.

After class I headed to the gym. I really need to run and get ready for 5k. Let me tell you, I am so not ready for this 5k. I was finally able to get on a tread mill and it was rough. Finally when I changed to run for 60 sec and walk for 60 sec it got better and put on my 5k mix, it was better.  After the treadmill I spent some time on weight machines and then did the Adaptive Motion Trainer . Everytime I use the AMT I do intervals. Everyone says intervals are the way to go. I do feel stronger since I started doing that. But maybe it's all in my head :)
I had hoped to be in better shape by now. I will do the 5k on sunday no matter what. I paid my money. J even said he would come and cheer me on. Besotted is an understatement :)

I have been working to break my addiction to Splenda. Have started to use Liquid Stevia in my coffee in the morning. It is a different tastes and for me it's better than the packets of Stevia. With J in the picture I am not eating as healthy as I was and of course I got on the scale the other day and was not happy. In no way is this his fault. It's the new relationship thing. I would rather spend time with him then at gym. We go out to eat. I cook a bigger meal with sides. (usually my sides are steamed veggies, boring but low cal) And yes I am trying to impress with him how I am an amazing cook unless pork chops are involved. (totally over cooked them)

I need to make a point to write  here more. Even though I don't track what I eat, just writing here holds me accountable. Especially when I put into print that either did or did not work out. Sunday, After J leaves, Monday, and Tuesday and Thursday seem to be gym/work out days. The others I spend with J. Feels like a long distance relationship sometimes but It's hard living almost an hour apart and stupid work schedules. (he is out of his house by 6 am lately) so we do what we can to spend time together.