Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rain today

Rain changed my plans for the day. I ended up sleeping in. (really late but I guess I needed it and I had problems going to sleep last night) Have done 1 load of laundry and finished putting up that load and the laundry up that I did the other night.

I got some new work out clothes. Yay for moisture wicking material. I even got shorts! I know. They are very snug but I know pretty soon they won't be so snug. I went to Ocean State Job Lot They had a sale on active wear, $5 each so I got 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. I usually stick to work out pants but I know with running, letting my legs have a bit more air is nice. Since I had a poor run yesterday I think I was just too hot with my work out pants vs. shorts or a running skirt. I did pick up one shirt that was a size smaller than what I think I am wearing but for $5 I know I will be in that shirt sooner or later. I am waiting for my sports bra to dry. I may go to gym tonight. I also picked up some towels there for the gym since I sweat so much. This way I can use a nice soft towel to mop up my sweat vs the "lovely" paper towels.

That is about it for my Sunday. Really not looking forward to work tomorrow. There was some drama last week and I have a feeling the fall out will be this week.

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