Friday, November 25, 2011

It's been awhile

It's been a few weeks. Busy, then sick, then Alfred hit. (Rare October Nor'easter  10/29/2011) Most of state was without power for a week or more. Very reminiscent of Irene.  I was only out of power for 5 days this time as opposed to 8 days last time. Only 2 months in between storms it's been rough.
 The state has a 2 Storm panel to investigate why CLP  didn't react better. Most of the state hates them. You have no idea how fortunate we are until you have no power, heat or water for 5 days. It was rough and I was one of the lucky ones this time.
I didn't lose as much food as I did last time but I did lose food. The fan-freaking-tastic part of it was I went on vacation a week after I got power back. So thanks to the storm and then vacation. I haven't really gone grocery shopping lately. Luckily right after the storm,  Stop and Shop had $0.58 per lb turkeys if you spent $25, not including the turkey. That is so easily done. I got 1 turkey before I went on vacation to make later. When I came back, same sale so I got a 2nd turkey. So everything I eat is turkey, turkey salad, sandwhich, stir fry. What can I say? After losing so much food to power loss the last few months I need to be very smart about stuff. Aldi is also my friend for smart budget concsious shopping. The one near work is huge.

Vacation was good. Went to Texas to see my family. Why did I go the week before Thanksgiving? Honestly, it was cheaper.  But was nice to see everyone. It does remind me that I like not living in the same state as them. I love them but the family drama that I am no longer involved is annoying.

This week has been very hectic at work. Coming back and then playing catch up on my work. Emails and voicemails. Working long hours to catch up. It sucks but its a necessary eveil. Thanksgiving was good. I was able to spend it with my friends which is always nice. Sadly I did have to come into work today.  It's a skeleton crew at work today, Hoping the day goes by quickly.(I doubt it will). Wednesday a lot of people were able to leave 2 hrs early. I wasn't able to because I just had too much to do. Hoping I can leave early today but I think they will give me the 2 hrs sometime next week.

I need to hit the gym after work tonight. I need to get back on the gym/exercise wagon. 
Not a fun way to spend Friday night. But no one is going out before 10. Since everyone is home for the holidays.  I also need to hit the gym on the weekends. I can't just be lazy. I was doing so well for awhile. I just need set expectations for myself and hold my self accountable.