Monday, October 5, 2009

Tired and missing home

2 weeks to go before I can get back to real life. This has been azmazing opportunity but I am definitely ready to go home. On Friday someone asked me if I would be willing to dothis gain in February. I do not know how serious the question was. I would do it but would like to be closer to home so I could go home every weekend. That really isn't possible from LA to Hartford. Goig home for long weekend. My flight leaves at 1 pm and I should be home at midnight. Then I don't leave again until Monday the 12th and I think it'S a 12:30 flight. That should bring me back o hotel by 8pm.

When I get back I am taking a few days off. Then I am back to work and I will also be back into gym routine. All this eating out is killing me. Weight wise. I need to watch what I eat but I need to male some better choices.