Friday, November 2, 2012


No gym last night. Things just didn't happen.

I finally got my fancy new phone on Wednesday. I thought I had set it up correctly at J's house Wed Night. WRONG! After 1.5 hrs on the phone with ATT Support and another half hour before that on my own, my SIM card was bad. Made it to the ATT store with maybe 10 min to spare before they closed. They replaced the sim card and I now have a working iphone 5. Poor J, I monoplolized his phone most of the evening running through trouble shooting. We had planned to go to dinner after I got my phone working but by then it was after 8. An hour drive home so I could start to clean out my fridge. Yeah, no dinner. Put he said he really wasn't that hungry.  I got bad for me food and drove home.

At home,  I was able to assess everything. (Due to power outage my only damage from Hurricane Sandy is food loss) So fridge side, just about everything gone. I think there are some preserves left but that's it. Freezer side held up better. I think the frozen water bottles and ice helped keep temp down. Nothing looked odd and there was no water pooled on the floor to indicate melting. Now to make a list and start replacing stuff. Nothing crazy but I do need salad stuff, milk. (which I got at gas station last night)

As you can tell the last few days have been rough. (I am perfectly aware I am lucky and didn't have damage like those in NY/NJ and I am greatful) Lots of bad eating however on the scale I got a surpirse. Down 1.4 lbs. Not sure how that happened but I just have to be good the next few days to make sure I don't counteract that loss.

I have to go grocery shopping and replace stuff. I am making a list and going to focus on produce and healthy items.  Trader Joes and then BJ's Wholesale to restock. Mostly it's the salad dressing, produce, milk, eggs and cheese I have to replace.  I feel like the freezer stuff faired well but I am still woried.
Based on the following I should be okay. Lowered freezer temp 24 hrs before we lost power. Densely packed and I threw in frozen bottles of water and a bag of ice. I think the temperature kept. (Makes me feel better)
How about frozen foods?

If your food still has ice crystals, it is usually safe to refreeze. Discard any items in
either freezer or refrigerator that have come into contact with raw meat juices.
Thawed food should be cooked and eaten immediately, provided it has not
been held at room temperature (above 45 degrees F) for more than two (2)
hours. Bacteria grow faster at temperatures above 45 degrees F. Food with high water content (meats, soups, seafood, etc.) stay frozen longer than food with low water content (baked goods, etc.) Large cuts of meat and poultry will stay frozen longer than baked goods or smaller items. How long will my frozen foods stay frozen in the freezer? One (1) to three (3) days for a full freezer, about one (1) day for a half-full
freezer, depending on if:
· Freezer door stays closed
· Freezer is full or nearly full – the less crowded the freezer, the shorter the time the food stays frozen
· Outside air temperature is cool or warm
· Freezer is large and well insulated – small freezers do not keep foods frozen as long

Another good website   Louisiana State University Agricultural Center   


I promise to start posting pictures again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy

I survived Sandy. No major damage. Power is out. Unkown ETA. I am 1 of 635,000 + without power and I am sure CLP   Yesterday was a crap eatinig day. I don't think I logged everything. And today started off bad. Can't get into fridge. (trying to keep it nice and cool to minimize food loss) Got breakfast at Mcdonalds and of course I got my old stand by not a healthier option. (old habits) Today I will be buying lunch so another mediorce day of eating.  My gym is open  and they have showers so I could go and try and get clean up after a work out. We'll see what happens with that. There was definitely no gym last night.

My iphone delivery has been delayed until who knows when (trust me I don't want  a ups person or anyoen to get hurt delivering a phone.) But I wish they were better about updating their tracking info.