Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diet Plan

I am going to have small meals through out day vs. larger meals.

This morning:7 am ish
coffee w/ half and half and splenda

later in morning at work
oatmeal with dried berries 9 am ish
8 oz oj after I finished oatmeal
just finished an apple 10:45 ish
next snack is laughing cow cheese and some crakcers

Not sure what is best as far as a schedule to time my meals
Should I do every 2 hours or so? Or is there a better option

granted when I eat it takes 15 minutes or more, I know that if I don't rush to eat my food that I will have a chance to begin digestion and have brain tell me I am full so I stop eating when I am full.

I am thinking about using this to Document food so here it goes
This will be a day behind.
I am using "Losing It" on my iphone to track calories
Calorie count won't be exact

Coffee with half and half and splenda (guess, 24 oz)
2 pkgs - Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with dried mixed berries (2 pkgs was too much)
8 oz of Orange Juice

Morning Snack
2 wedges Laughing cow cheese, with
15 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free (yes I counted crackers)

arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese

Afternoon snack
1 wedge laughin couw cheese
with 7 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free

Pre Gym
arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese

Turkey meatballs I made the other night
no pasta, with sauce

evening snack
1 slice wheat bread with nutella
calories consumed: 1948teadmill 30 min: burn 144 calories
net calories 1804

calorie budget is 1806
so I was within, barely but in guidelines
I don't count the weight machines in my exercise since I can't seem to quantify the calories, so that is just "spare room"

today I had 1 oatmeal package and that was fine.
My orange juice says 90 Calories but my calorie counter says 110. So I do have leeway there.

Wow, long ass post. But I figure if I am accountable for food I eat and exercise it will help.

By the way, my goal is to not buy a plus size dress for my friends wedding next year.

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