Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Travel is over. I have been back at work a full week. Can't tell you how happy that made me. Travel was a great experience but I was just tired at the end. Missing home.

I got a dog when I got back. A Chihuahua. He is about 7 lbs. Smaller then my cat but I love him. He is adorable, scared of the cat and my boyfriend. He and cat are getting better. Just have to give the dog a chance to get to know the boyfriend.

Going back to gym tomorrow with B. Can't wait. Need to get back into a routine. A friend is getting married next fall and I want to be super hot. I am in the wedding so there is definitely pressure.

My eating habits haven't been great since I have been back but my portions have definitely gotten smaller. That was one of my issues was that the portions were huge.

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