Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I ate Day 2

Didn't add enough water to my oatmeal, now it's a little dry. oh well.
I did 2 packets today. I was starving when I got home from gym last night. Maybe I need the extra oatmeal in the am to have a lighter dinner. Let's see what happens tonight.

My meals are uninventive. Easy. But it helps to monitor calories and planning.

Breakfast and Morning Snack
Coffee with half and half and splenda (guess, 24 oz)
1 pkg - Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, weight control, with dried mixed berries
8 oz of Orange Juice
1 medium apple
2 wedges Laughing cow cheese, with
15 crackers crunchmaster multi grain gluten free (yes I counted crackers)

arnold Sandwhich thins- Mutli Grain
2 slices ham
1 slice American cheese
1/2 cup iceberg lettuce
1/8 cup pasta salad
1/8 tuna salad
1- mott's pomegranite apple sauce

Afternoon Snack
1 wedge lauging cow cheese
15 crackers. (may have been less but I wasn't couting since I had planned 2 portions in lunch and the only ones I didn't eat were broken

2 friend eggs, 2 pieces of toast
corned beef hash with a scrambled egg (made that as not to waste the corned beef hash, didn't like it but I kept eating, was starved after gym)

1 slice bread w/ nutella

Total calories: 2247
exercise: 396
Net calories: 1851
Technically only over 45 calories
not bad
I do think I will plan dinner better.

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