Monday, December 7, 2009

bad weekend

I tried to start week 2 of Counch to 5 k. Ended up with a shooting pain in my shin. Last time that happened, I needed better shoes. After buying better shoes. (sports store next to gym) I didn't end up at gym this weekend. Got home from gym Friday night and ate. I was starving. Ate more than normal. In fact I ate a lot on saturday as well. I don't know what's up with that. but it happens.

This weekend I did nothing. No housework no gym. I just had a lazy weekend. I know that isn't good for what I want for my goals. But I couldn't get motivated. Not sure if its the weather. Snowed this weekend. (although not the first snow of the season. That happened in October when I was in California)

I need to head to the laundromat tonight. No more clean clothes. As I will soon be traveling again for work (waiting on confirmation of dates) I want to get a head start on what I will pack . Last time I brought too many clothes I didn't wear. I have a few things needing sewing.

Just talking to someone from the area I will be in. Weather is inconsistent. Looks like I will have to bring lots of long sleeves. Who knows what weather will be like.

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