Friday, December 4, 2009


I am wondering if I should be posting what I eat vs. maybe just total calories for the day.Granted I usually copy and paste from previous day. Yes I know my lunchs are boring but it's convient. I couldn't find somthing on my Losing It app for iPhone ao I didn't completely log my calories. Must admit I was surprised that LEan cusine panini's weren't there. I did cheat a little. Wheat bread with Nutella. So yummy. I
manually added in the panini and I was still under my calorie goal for the day. So that is good. I did splurge with the nutella. but the chocoloate hits the spot.

I didn't hit the gym last night, boy texted me and wanted to hang out. He was haveing a rough day so I chose boy over gym. Eh, it happens. He is busy tonight so I will try to go after work. Need to run home and take out the dog first.

I keep telling myself my goal for weight loss is not to buy a plus size bridesmaid dress however I know that bridesmaid dresses run small. My size 4-6 friend had to get a size 12. So I know I may still end up in the 20's even if my jean size is smaller. But I think its a good motivation anyway.

In the fall I was traveling for work and it looks like I may do so again. Waiting for confirmation on dates and stuff. Luckily the hotel we were at last time had a gym. So I know I can work out as long as I don't get distracted. I also need to make better choices at restaurants. SO hard to choose the good option when you are in a new place and new restaurant and have exciting alternatives. I also need to see if we are at a different hotel if I can get a temp membership at a gym near by. My gym while it has locations all over the country is about 50 miles from where I will be. (In Los Angeles, that is 2 hours of traffic) there has to be a better option. I think I will check out 24 hour fitness and see if I can get a temp membership. I know there is one close to where I will be. Without paying too much. Maybe I should just hope we are at same hotel or new hotel has gym facility. Don't really want to pay $50 a month for a temp membership. If I can get a temporary memembership.

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