Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This morning while putting on lotion I noticed something amazing.
My stomach is not as big as it was. It isn't flat but it is flatter than it was
Now when I suck in my stomach, girls you know what I am talking about, its easier and I can feel the muscles working. Lately I have been trying to suck in stomach while running/eliptical and I feel it. Maybe that is helping!!

What motivation to actually notice a body part get smaller.

Gave blood yesterday so no gym last night. Really did not want to faint on the treadmill. That would be bad. So last night ended up watching tv and going to bed at 9:30. Super early for me. But I slept really well.

Tonight back to gym. Going to start Week 3 of Couch to 5K. Can't tell you how much I love this program. While I am running it can suck but I have been building my staminia which has been my goal.

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