Friday, December 18, 2009

Motivation People!

I am having trouble getting motivated for the holidays. I don't know what's up. I don't want to go to anyone's house. I can't afford to go to my mom's (tickets around $500 seems like a huge waste of money). Granted most holidays I end up crying for some reason. The reason varies and it's usually over something stupid.

Right now work is slow and it happens every decemeber. I am traveling again for work and I leave in 16 days. So right now, It's filler time at work. Just trying to finish up what I can before I leave.

I am in a rut right now. There are few things that are in the pipeline to reach for over the next few months but it's all dependent on manangement. (we have temporary manager for my department) I know the things are coming aren't going to happen until we have permanent management. If the temp guy for CA wants to stay I am all for it. He is awesome but I want permanence so I can fight for a promotion I want.

The only thing that seems to help lately is going to the gym. Lame I know but it is something with in my grasp to get right now. If that is the only thinkg keeping me sane I will just have to accept it. The really sad thing is there is a happy hour tonight for a co worker who is transferring and I would rather go to the gym. The thought of going to a crowded bar I don't like to say good bye to someone I do like...

my mood is all over the place

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