Thursday, October 30, 2008


With all the weight loss and mostly toning, clothes have not been fitting well. And my bras haven't fit well in awhile.
A while back a friend mentioned how she went to Nordstroms for a bra fitting. Well, the last few yrs I have been wearing a 44 DD. Well per nordstroms. I am a 42 F. Yes an F. Scary because. A) less selections and B) holy crap! I am an F.

Also I had a gift card for Lane Bryant and needed new jeans. The ones I had were just too big. They look like mom jeans. Bad! So I was wearing 5's. ( Lane Bryant has their own sizing) I thought I was a 4 maybe if I was lucky, a 3. Guess what. I am a 2!!!!
I can't believe it. I am so happy!!!

I did notice that skin on my stomach has stretch marls. So I need to start using lotion or the the stuff pregnant women use.

Any suggestions to get rid of stretch marks?
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