Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I must be an idiot.
I found the instruction manual for my scale. I re read and I should be getting body fat % readings. But no. Not working. I tried it in different rooms (kitchen and bathroom) wondering maybe my bathroom floor was un even. Nope. Still doesn't work. I don't know.

My friend Liz said that her friend X, who is a big guy is able to get a reading on his scale.
So why can't I? This is frustrating. I just want to know so I can better grasp of my heatlhy.
I have dampened my feet.

I am on my last day of phase 1 for South Beach. I am not sure if I am going to extend it or not.
I am thinking I am going to go to phase 2 for a few days. People visiting and what not. Then go back to phase 1 on monday. I have gained a few pounds the last few days which sucks. It's not water weight I think its just weight fluctuating. I find that mon-wed weight is higher then later in week/weekend. I think the fact that Sunday is a slacker day for me and since I don't do much.. I don't burn calories. I am starting to hit the gym on saturdays so I think that will help as well.

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