Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Ree

I have been struggling a bit with the diet.

I finished phase 1 on Wed. night. Then Thursday was mom's retirement
party at work. (2 cookies and some beer bread)
Was good on Friday but had a brownie at a party Friday night. (I had
steamed chicken and veggies minus corn and carrots)
Then Sat and Sun guests in from out of town and breakfast with my mom.
(everything from french fries to ice cream and pancakes and hasbrowns
the next morning)
Then Mon a pizza party at work. It's been months since I have had
pizza and I had a peice of friend chicken yesterday. Seriously I just
kept stumbling.
So the last 6 days have been BAD. Back to phase 1.
I need it. Going to gym tonight which will help. I always feel better
with the gym. Its becoming a good addiction. Sometimes I hate going
(lazyiness) but I feel so much better when I do. I just need to keep
remembering that. And for me the only way I will reach my goals is to
hit the gym on a regular basis. Sadly period is due next week which
means water weight gain.

More of my clothes are falling off. Great for weight loss, Bad for my
budget. I can't afford anything new. In process of digging myself out
of mini financial hole that I put myself in.

Still can't get my scale to show me body fat percentage. I feel like
the biggest moron that I can't get the scale to work.
Seriously, how stupid am I? I found the instruction manual and it
still doesn't work. I stand in different postions, feet wet or damp
and nothing.
I think I need to find someone who will come to my house. Try it out
and hopefully work then I can figure out what they did right and what
I did wrong.

I have been reading PastaQueen awhile and
its good motivation that she lost so much with diet and exercise. I
know it takes time. But its frustrating.
I have been following South Beach but not the recipes in the book. I
should, I know this but I don't have time/energy to prep that much. I
made the quiche to go cups but they are a back up for me. I normally
have time to make my morning omelet.

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