Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's that time. Measurements!

Where... 10.15.08/10.22.08/10.29.08
Hips: 54"/52.5"/51" (-1.5)
Waist: 44.5/42.5/41.5" (1)
Chest: 51"/50"/50" (same)
Under chest: 43.5/41.5/40" (-1.5)

Here it is. I have been on SouthBeach for 2 full weeks.
I haven't lost that much. In fact I have gained 2 lbs this week. But I
am losing inches.
I think I like losing inches more. Weight has never been accurate for
me. when I was thinner, my weight was higher then people expected.
I think for me as much as I want to foocus on a goal weight I need to
focus in the interim on how my body looks. aka. What size I am and
how many inches I lose.
I know I am gaining muscle mass. I can feel it. If I hold my arm out
for a bicep show thing. I have actual muscle definition. Not much but
some and for me that is an improvement.

I keep working on improving my mile. When I first started working out.
Walking I was at under 21 minutes. Last night I hit personal best of
16:45 min. I run some and walk some. My endurance for runnning is
still short but my recovery time is faster. It doesn't help that I
have big boobs and am in need of a good sports bra.

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