Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 memberships

I left J's house yesterday. Came home cleaned up and actually went to gym. I was very proud of myself. I am increasing my stamina. Ran for more than 10 min straight. A miracle considering its been months since I ran. Went and did some stretches and more cardio.

J and I went to my friend K's for dinner. On the way I discussed maybe getting a $10 membership at the gym down the street from his house. Buy I was worried Might not go. Let's be honest I spend $10 on stupid stuff all the time. Well he said he would make me go. He is really supportive of my fitness goals and making time for the gym. It will be nice to find time for exercise when I spend the weekends with him.

However it seems pretty ridiculously have 2 gym memberships. One near my house and one near his house. Next weekend is his birthday. Hoping I can come up with a nice little jogging route. Maybe do that vs gym membership. At least for now

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