Monday, September 24, 2012

4:07 Wake up call

I did really well yesterday and this weekend. Hit the gym both Saturday and Sunday. Stayed under calories (just barely) but again I remind myself I'm not calorie counting. However I am still hurting from my run Saturday. Going up the stairs to work was really rough. When I get up to go to the bathroom or a meeting, its a slow start. Movement appears to be key

I picked up a new Tea from Republic of Tea. Get Burning  It is supposed to help speed up metabolism. Has cayenne pepper in it. I add that to my food a lot but it's a bit weird when I first tried it but it's not bad. It's my 2nd day drinking it so I am hoping after a week or so I will notice a differnce

I also joined a  BJ's warehouse club yesterday. I got a notice a few weeks ago for 2 free months. Well, 2 free months + $50 to renew or just $40 for 14  months. I chose the $40 option. They had some good deals though. I got Baby Bell Cheese in a 22 pack for $9 and the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 12  for $10  . They had coupons in front so I actually got them for less. I will also probably not run out of toilet paper, papoer towels, cat food or litter for awhile. They had a lot of what I normally buy there in bulk. I think it will be work it. Hopefully next trip won't be so expensive but then I won't need paper goods quite so soon.

Last night was good, had a good dinner a good work out. Well this morning I just woke up. I lean over to look at my phone it was 4:07 am. Ouch! I tried to make myself go back to sleep but I really just tossed and turned until I gave up about 4:50 am. My normal wake up time is 5:10-5:30. So I was ready to leave the hosue by just after 6. I stopped to get gas and coffee and still made it to work by 7.   When I told J, he said maybe the gym is giving me more energy. Who knows! It would be  nice to do my OT in the morning and get home at a reasonable hour. But I will wait and see if this morning repeats itself.

Hoping to leave by 5 today and hit the gym. Although Mondays are super crowded :(

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