Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another week another -$1.50.

I have been due for an upgrade on my phone on October 6th. I Called AT&T a few weeks ago. They wouldn't let me pre-order early without paying an insane fee. The lady did say to check a few days before my upgrade and I might be able to do it early. Well, lo and behold I checked yesterday morning and I was due for my upgrade a few days early.  So I did it! I bought the iPhone 5 from Apple ! I went with the 32gb and white, I also bought the adapter so I can use my other accessories. It should be here October 31 -Nov 6.  Ugh! I hate waiting but I am very excited. My iPhone 4 has been cracked since the MS walk in April. I am the doofus who dropped it. (there might have been some other drops/cracks that may or may not have happened at a bar while drinking beer)

I finally managed to get my hours back to 8-4:30. Granted I am usually at work at just after 7am and stay until just after 530ish. Last night I left on time and man, the lack of traffic was amazing! Made it to the gym by 545 and it wasn't overly crowded.  Made it home to make dinner and watch tv and not feel rushed. It was awesome! I don't think I can do it again tonight, I have too much to do but it was so nice yesterday.

Thanks to iPhone 5 Purchase. No more spending for awhile. (I say this as I am looking at plane tickets to see family at Christmas)

Ok, back to reality and your normally scheduled program

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