Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kids Meal

Dinner tonight was as though I was 10 yrs old. Grilled ham and cheese and chocolate milk. I did make it a bit more grown up, I added steamed veggies.

I am definitely ready for the weekend. Its a long weekend. I plan to try canning for the first time. My friend E said to expect it to go wrong. I am going to try and can Chili. I have a pressure cooker, instructions and supplies. I just bought the pressure cooker, I got the Presto 23 qt and a soup pot so I can prepare the Ball Mason jars. I am very excited.

After losing power twice last year with Hurricane Irene and Winter Storm Alfred and losing the contents of my fridge and freezer twice I really want to be better prepared. It seems that my generation is really traveling back in time. We garden, we knit and now, we can!

Definitely ready for bed. Is 8:30 too early for bed? Well Just in case I will pack my bag for the weekend in clean cat litter

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