Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Last night I was able to sign up for RunEatRepeat. Pile on the Miles (#POTM).

My goal is walk/run 50 miles in the month of November. Which breaks down to an average of 3.125 miles per work out. (Average 4 workout days per week). So I get to run a 5K, 4 days a week. It sounds really scary and overwhelming. But I can do this. I will spend the next/last 7 days of October trying to meet the 3.1 miles goal. I think I will have to add In walking at lunch and maybe working out Thursday. That sounds very daunting but I will take it one day at a time. I am really hoping that by the end of November I can run a mile straight without stopping.

I have had to add in more walking in the last week or so because I “irked” my knee last week by wearing heels. I have just noticed since hitting the gym more frequently my knee is more sensitive so the dumbass that I am wore heels one day last week after not wearing them since before the summer. (We were on dress down at work all summer and I jeans and sneakers everyday) It was not a sharp pain but a constant dull pain. I took Monday off from the gym and ended up going Tuesday and Thursday instead. I did no running just walk at an incline at a fast pace. Last night I added some running back. I ran at full pace for a full 40 seconds twice. Now that is impressive since I have done it once for about 20 seconds total. Now the real goal will be to turn that 40 seconds into several minutes and to keep adding.

My iPhone 5 will be here by the 30th. I can’t wait. It’s been a long month since I ordered it. (Oct 1st) I am tracking it via and it’s currently in Korea. Yes I am stalking the UPS website.

Work is getting busy and I have been slacking/working part time hrs lately ( part time = only 40 hrs). So November I will have to work more and exercise more. November should be … Challenging! But I can do it.


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