Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My mortal enemey... the scale!

The scale has not been my friend lately. For various reasons I have been slacking on fitness and eating right. This week is about getting back on track. Not quite Phase 1 of South Beach has started. (not phase 1 because I am eating  yogurt with fruit and some fresh fruit that is still left over). I am monitoring what I eat using SparkPeople. I don't count calories with south beach but it does help me to be more aware of portions etc.  I am looking to see what the carb/protein/fat count is. Fat count is a bit too high but this is a transition week. So far I feel good. Tonight should be interesting as I am going to J's house. Not sure what we will do about dinner but I should be able to find something reasonable. He has actually been really supportive.

Back to my enemy. The scale! I got on there Monday. I  didn't like what I saw. Now I know it's really not a good idea to get on the scale more than once a week but I got on again this morning. Down 2 lbs! Now, I know this is 1) water weight 2) could be due to normal weight fluctuations. (hello post weekend/gorging weight) However it felt good to see a change quickly. It's motivating to keep going and not stray.I think there is a fine line between obsessive about what the scale says and using it for motivation. Up 1 lb shouldn't destroy my week but should be a sign to watch what I eat and try a little hard at the gym. Down 1 lb isn't a sign to binge something because.. "I deserve it" or "I've had a rough day"

Hit the gym last night. I have been struggling with being consistent. That was my new years resolution and here it is the end of March and I am still struggling. I did use SparkPeople to also track my work out. The calorie burn count seems to  high but as long as I get 30 min of cardio that will help. Definitely felt some aches on the treadmill. For some reason the first workout after being absent from gym for while is rough so I take it easy. Tomorrow I will try to push myself a bit harder.

Does anyone know how accurate the calorie burn for treadmills/ellipticals are when you enter your weight/age?

I have a Living Social Coupon for La Boca that is about to expire so J and I will be going this weekend. There is a menu on line so I can plan ahead. I like when that happens and I usually stick to my plan for that meal.

Ok, that's it for now. I need to make sure I post here because, it keeps me honest.

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