Thursday, March 8, 2012

5k in less than a week

I have been so bad lately.  Starting with falling down the stairs and burising my tailbone.
To make matters worse I signed up for the O'Hartford 5K in just over a week. I went back to the gym Monday. But it was a fairly light work out because my butt was hurting.  I figure I will run as much as I can and walk the rest. Just like I did for the Red Dress Run  in July

The sad thing is I am in better shape now but I just haven't been running as much. Hopeuflly I can at least match my time. I will be doing the Red Dress Run again so I can beat my time.

Other than that life is good. Got a receent promotion. In the training transition. Which is not fun but I know I just have to be patient to start the next training. I think I will enjoy and be challenged by the new position.

On the guy front, things are good. Enjoying my time with J. Not sure if he will see this but I know he found this blog.  

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