Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life, it happens

I am trying to put myself out there more. Experience life! Not stay home. I am volunteering with a group with work providing Credit Report Education. Had a training meeting tonight. I did it last year. Really looking forward to doing it again this year. Now the other thing I am looking into is volunteering with a youth group in my area. I emailed someone the other day and just getting more information and time commitments.

So no gym tonight but for a good cause. Granted I do need to have off nights so my body can recover. Tomorrow is a "blitz" nigh at work. 12 hour day! Oh Joy! Hoping I can get a lot done. Feel like I am falling behind helping other people. I am sure it's in my imagination. But I feel I am not where I should be for my monthly goal. It's very frustrating. Still haven't heard about the new position I applied for. Oh wait, I got an update this morning from the recruiter. No decisions made yet. Still interviewing applicants. Should have something in 2 weeks. Blah blah blah...

Ok.. it's 9:30.. I am  might as well go to bed.... nighty nighty interwebs

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