Monday, January 16, 2012

Dance like no one is watching

"Dance like no one is watching" Kind of have that stuck in my head. At the gym I am always moving to my music and quite honestly the time goes by faster when I have good music. Have been doing great with the fitness routine the last few days. A bit stiff today but quite honeslty it feels great. Muscles in my abs feel like they have been used. Same for the legs. Going upstairs is a bit slow but again.

Doing pretty well on nutrition as well. Not perfect but doing well. Last nights dinner was red cabbgae w/ black beans. Quinoa that I could with stewed tomatoes and some some chicken kielbasa. Very good. The beans and cabbage thing was actually my favorite. Came out much better than I had anticipated.

When I work on Saturdays or holidays, (like today) I have my ipod blasting and I do what I call chair dancing. Just moving to my own beat at my desk. Quite honestly, don't care wheat my co-workers think. Sure, they may think I am quirky but oh well. It makes my day better

Went to cardio hoop again yesterday. It's why I can feel my abs today. It's getting better. Much easier class to follow than Zumba and totally feel like I am getting a work out. And I LOVE that I am working my core, because let's be honest. My core is where I need to the most work.

I suppose I should get back to work. Fun times

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