Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year, Same Me

Back in California. Here until February. I have decided to go home once. But it is a super quick visit. I am going to see my sister in San Franciso over the MLK holiday weekend. Can't wait. I am sure I will get plenty of exercise just walking around.

Here is the hard part of traveling for work. Eating out. Every meal, every day. So hard to order the healthy option. I don't want salad all the time and man, sometimes that giant eclair is just calling my name.(Last night at Brent's Deli Walking distance from hotel)

I did go to the gym last night. Short work out but better than none. I was looking into joining a gym here but it's $75 for a 30 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness. Considering I pay $20 a month. That is a lot of money when I just use hotel gym. I would join if it was cheaper. Oh well, may just get a 7 day pass to check it out for fun.

I want the The Body Bugg by 24 Hour Fitness. I want it so bad. Can't see myself sepending $200+ for it though. (prices I found varied on source of sale and timing and of course if you got the watch like display) I know that right now while I am heavier I will burn more calories and as I lose the weight calories burning rations will decrease as I have less mass to lug around. I still would like to have a more accurate way to measure/monitor the calories I burn every day.

That is all for now. Going to a nice Italian place for dinner so I know I will eat a bunch tonight but tomorrow I will do a better work out at gym.

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