Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks!

I got a chance to hit the gym yesterday before dinner. Got there around 10 am or so and the parking lot was pretty busy. I got to the door and saw the sign, closing at 12. So I crammed in as much as a I could and left about 11:57. Ran only 2.3 miles and did the cross ramp elliptical for about 50 min. Managed to have a relatively healthy dinner. However I drank my calories last night.

Went home to check on the cat and opted to run at the trail by my house. I did great. At 10 min I was more than .75 miles. I couldn't believe it. After that the trail started to go up hill and i slowed down. I turned around at 2.5 miles however my run tracker said my final mileage was 4.92. Not sure how that worked out. On well. I still averaged just under 15
min miles. At the gym I am usually over 16 min. I don't know what it is about running outside but my pacing is better. Maybe not having the display to stare at helped. Drove back to enfield to be with J and stopped at gym and did another hour of cardio. Here are some pics of the trail.

This may be TMI, but after my shower J was looking at me and commented how I was losing weight. Nothing feels better than having your significant other notice and appreciate all the hard work you are doing. I am so grateful for his support and encouragement. It makes the aches and pains worthwhile.

Back to enjoying my long weekend. Hoping to get a run in tomorrow. But we'll see how my legs feel.

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